Herve Courtois regarding the Dana Durnford case – Freedom of speech – Is it ok to threaten individuals?


This hour we are joined by Herve Courtois who is a prolific Anti-Nuclear Activist and blogger to discuss what is appropriate and what is not, when it comes to dealing with men and women who work for corporations. We are asking the question ” Is it reasonable to speak aggressively and in a threatening way to these individuals or is it more appropriate to attack the subject with room for the odd satirical snipe at individuals”.

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks. I have been called a troll. have you been called a troll too?

“Oh yes” he says in a rather cool tone as one who is well used to the term.

Should we support our Scientists even if we dont always agree with them?

Those Scientist that are qualified to bring us the data especially in the field of Marine Biology where there are maybe only 5 qualified scientists. So they need our support as much as we need them to bring out the facts. To attack these scientists is not constructive or productive. Herve sees it as our duty to reach out to these Scientists and work hand in hand with them.

Do you see it as our role as bloggers to act as a lobby?

We have to act on their individual conscionsciousness. they are human beings like us and one can wake them up. It has happened many time in the past.

How do you think the scientists could have responded in relation to Dana Durnford?

When you threaten them with violence and one may expect something coming back. Some of these bloggers have been threatening them and their families for a long time. they probably could no longer ignore it.

Herve continues with a list of names of Scientists who have been insulted by Dana Durnford and Kevin Blanch. Names like Dr Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gunderson, Chris Busby, Ken Buesseler and Tim Mousseau. Herve continues;

How can one insult Tim Mousseau? He works for us! He is bringing us the proof of the contamination!

Herve explains that Kevin Blanch is smarter because he doesn’t name names, where Dana is very pointed with his threats.

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