Challenging the ICRP dose model with Chris Busby – Nuclear Test Veterans Court Update


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Excellent video post! A Must See & great links provided from detail box: Prof Chris Busby has had concerning British nuclear test veterans in the UK & their battle with the UK Ministry of Defence & the Home Office. New parameters have been set allowing Prof Busby to challenge the MOD on the false science that they are trying to use to support their case against the nuclear test veterans. This is a first in the UK. This case now has the possibilities of opening up the questions concerning Depleted Uranium and other isotopes that have been deemed to be “low dose”.

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Chris Busby and Margaretta D`Arcy report on Nagasaki and Hiroshima illegalities – 9 August 2015


Hour 1 (European News and The Extinction Report with Kevin Hester)


Latest MLO CO2 graph

In Part 1 of the show we discuss the news around Europe and discuss the climate problems and effects facing the world today with Kevin Hester. It might be worth pointing out that just after our interview with Kevin he experienced a heavy hail stone shower at his home in the northern part of New Zealand ( a very rare event).

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Hour 2 (Dr Chris Busby)


In the secod part of the show we have Chris Busby discussing the contamination of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the flawed radiation health measurement called “Dose” and a new study called MELODI in Europe that hopes to finally study the effects of radioactive particulates in the environment and how specific isotopes such as Uranium are actually effecting all our health. We also discuss other related issues such as the Breast cancer study around nuclear plants and some good news on the UK Nuclear Test Veterans case that Chris is involved with.

Podcast Link Hour 2 (Dr Chris Busby);


Margaretta D`Arcy statement for ENW on Hiroshima and Shannon AirportĀ  (Recorded by Wayne Jones , See video link below.)

Hour 3 (Irish Section with a few world topics thrown in)

In the third part of our show we discuss some important European News and then report on a Bomb in Northern Ireland (not reported by the main stream media and growing tensions in many communities (Catholic and Loyalist) due to Austerity and lack of development in these areas. We discuss Denis O`Brien (in a satirical fashion ) and report on a range of issues happening within Ireland including an exclusive interview for European News Weekly with Margaretta D`Arcy speaking on nuclear weapons and peace issues including the use of Shannon Airport (The interview was too late for the live stream podcast but a link to the short video interview is below.).

Pocast Link Hour 3 (Irish Section with a few world topics thrown in);