COP 21 – Is independent news coverage at risk? Report from Charles William Digges

r1Ns1m4E_400x400Charles Williams Digges discusses the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Paris and the difficulties of independent journalists in getting accreditation in an exclusive interview. This story is just a small bit of the picture concerning independent media exclusion that we will be covering over the coming weeks.

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Charles also discusses a varietu of activist news from the BP Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, Russian government and media attacks on Russian environmentalists including the another Russian NGO members claim for Asylum in Europe. We also discuss the politics of Big Oil and refer to the recent report concerning Norways Oil plans are actually breaking the constitution of Norway (

As the interview explains that there is a pressing need for the alternative media to gain more access to the conference so as to be able to pass the options on to the public at large. Charles Williams Digges is currently trying to get money for his trip to Paris. He will be living frugally and will donate any extra funds to the indeendent media stand outside of the conference.

If you think there is a need for this kind of reporting that will balance against the mining and fossil fuel companies lobbying of the conference members, please support the donation campaign for Charles to get to Paris here;

Links to some of the stories we were discussing that Charles has written.

Many activists condemn Copenhagen police tactics at Friday march, while Bellona says to refocus on climate deal July 2009

Sochi Human Righs Issues 2014 “Vladimir Putin’s Sochi Winter Olympic Games of 2014 proved a nearly unparalleled ecological and human rights disaster. Environmentalists were harassed and jailed, environmental law was rewritten to accommodate illegal construction and waste dumping in protected lands, Sochi’s drinking water was poisoned, and $51 billion in shady financing later, the Sochi region and surrounding forests, wetlands and beaches are nearly destroyed. This section covers the build up to the Games, the abuses committed during the Games, and the ongoing environmental and human rights degradations left in their wake. “

Link to relevant articles on the BP Gulf Oil Spill from Charles here

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