Report from Canada on environmental issues and First Nation Fears with Candyce Paul

Link to podcast (32 mins 11 secs) ;

12011191_10205089801231359_107088139270739676_nCandyce Paul, First Nations activist ( First Nations Say Enough) from the Dene people of Canada Joins us today to discuss these issues

1) Effects of change in government

2) Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission denies Committee for Future Generations intervenor status at Darlingtion Power Plant Re-licensing hearings.

3) Quebec BAPE Report Uranium Industry Issues in Quebec and CNSC response

4) Saskatchewan Uranium issues

The interview also includes an update on the contiuing effects of the recent Canadian Wildfires that ravaged the people and environment due to government inaction and bad planning. Candyce lays out the new government promise to hear lobbying from the first Nations People and her opinion of the new administration and their limitations to rectify problems because of large secret legal contracts with China and India that guarantee more pollution and health effects on the people of Canada.

If anyone wishes to support Candyce in her activism and reporting please feel free to contact her at , She is currently offering a limited edition of excellent First Nations Prints for sale to hellp fund her very dedicated and passionate activist and community work.

Proceeds go to Committee for Future Generations to continue the work of defending lands and waters” picture and qoute source;

Report on the recent Canadian Wildfires effects on society and the environment – Exclusive interview on the 20th July 2015