Great resources for interviews with many of the worlds big names in the anti-nuclear field. Plus topical news of the day.

Podcast interviews and weekly nuclearnews programme

Good resource for all things anti nuclear

Technical and Balanced news specific to Fukushima

Fukushima and nuclear daily news daily news

NUclear support group for nuclear and peace related activists who have been arrested

Rainbow Warriors, Breaking news of nuclear, environmental and human rights news

Americas best left wing news outlet

Left wing USA and activist news

Activist relevant news on surveillance and other matters

Free press USA – Edward Snowden revelations here and more

Never heard of this? Seriously?

Anti Facist UK pressure group

Irish Justice pressure group

Supporting activist from illegal police surveillance in the UK  etc

Protecting Irelands neutrality against the NATO military

If you would like to add your group to this list please contact us (this page will be  updated )


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