US State Dept Unclassified Email Warned Radioactive Steam from Fukushima Blowing Toward Tokyo; FOIA Page Appears Missing

Another page of the supposed “Hilary Clinton” emails here with some good tracing of this story breaking in the social media

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Mining Awareness +

A US State Dept document recently released on the US FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) site warns that radioactive steam was blowing toward Tokyo, not to go outdoors, etc. The author of the warning seems to be consultant Mitch Murata and sent from a law firm (Paul Hastings): “From a guy we know here in japan who does background searches for us etc…
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 2
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 2
But, the first 2 pages of the release are clearly not sequential
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, pp. 1 -2
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, pp. 1 -2
3 pages in order as presented:
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 1
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 1
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 2
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 2
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 3
Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602, p. 3
Found here:
Emphasis our own. For updates see:

The official original is found under Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05780602 on the US gov…

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Irish Government ignores Kelly campaigners but main stream media still picking up on story!



Interview with Amanda and Emma Kelly. 6 November 2015  Podcast link;  (20 mins)

This is an update of their campaign to highlight their brother’s death in 2008. They want questions answered but recent attempts at correspondence and phone calls have yielded no significant response.

The Problems

The problems centre around the procedure for complaints against the police via GSOC the police oversight department. Complaints against the Gardai (Police) are referred to GSOC and then have been re back to the police. A system that has aroused much anger to many individuals families and Politicians.

The recent contact attempts have resulted in no response apart from an automatically generated thank you note.

The Improvements

Thanks to the dedication of Amanda, Emma and their family using social media and independent news sources, they have once again managed to get this important news story out to the public. Their message? That many affected families are unhappy with present organisation of Police complaints procedure and voices are beginning to be heard.

Also mentioned was Clare Daley and her support for the Kelly family but more TD`s could be supporting the campaign the sisters thought.

The Irish Star is releasing an article tomorrow on this story and the also is considering covering this story.

The story was covered on Prime Time TV in Ireland in October 2015.

A new email campaign is underway;

Link to petition;

Link to the Campaign website that contains all the relevant information on this case;

Link to previous European News Weekly interview from July 2015;

Insane Immigration situation! Lesbos report with Lise Gulbrandsen and discussion with John Lannon

Screenshot_2015-11-03_00-29-31Source; Eric Kempson on YT showing sinking ship (link to YT video) below

Lise Gulbrandsen is a human rights supporter who recently went to Lesbos in Greece in September to see what was happening concerning the refugees when they get to Greece and to volunteer her services to the unfortunate displaced people.

Link to interview here;

She claims that she saw no press on the island as she travelled along the routes that the refugees were using. She also visited a refugee camp and saw very little local or international NGO`s/Bodies.

There were thousands of families

This is stunning testimony that blows apart the Europe led war against people smuggling. It seems that Turkey is enabling this traffic and that Greece has been swamped by boats coming from the Turkish Mainland. Greece has taken what seems as a harsh solution that could cause anger and despair amongst the refugees and recently the Greek government has sent riot police to Lesbos to deal with the predictable confrontations that will occur in the future if nothing is done to alleviate refugee suffering.

Local councils in Lesbos have warned against anyone helping the refugees but individuals have taken it on to themselves to get water to the dehydrated people at great personal cost as other locals attack them.

A bus driver was asked to pick up some families but he could not without losing his job. When challenged as to why he could not disregard the instruction from his employers and local government, he said;

“…how do you think i feel about having to follow this policy?…” (his expression was full of embarrassed anxiety.)

A young disabled child and her elderly mother was stuck on a road, exhausted and fearful. A local person from New Zealand picked them up. An Afghanistani family invited Lise to join them and insisted in her sharing a water melon with them and they told her that in 60 km of walking, no one had stopped to give water or offer any support at all.. Meanwhile the shop and hotel managers are making good money selling their services to the refugees that have money whilst ignoring those without.

Lise said that she “had not seem so many mothers with their children crying” on the side of the roads whilst facing a 60 km walk to the nearest town to get papers to travel to mainland Greece.

Another problem is that each person needs 50 Euro for the ferry and many people had depleted their money savings. Some money and possessions were lost as the Turkish coast Guard caused large wakes around the dinghies holding a dozen or more people. Also, Turkish helicopters were being reported to hover above the refugees and cause wakes that rocked the boats severely.

Link to Eric Kempson Lesbos refugee update on the situation;

Published on 2 Nov 2015

8 Bodies Washed Up In Eftalou! 01/11/2015

An Amazing testimony which we follow-up by discussing Occupy London protester issues and other activist based issues.

Interview with John Lannon discussing his perspective and experience of the refugee situation

John Lannon – Interview from 20th Sept 2015 with Shaun McGee and Jimmy Hagan

Link to podcast interview here;

John Lannon is an activist and human rights advocate who is both involved with Syrian refugees in Ireland and very knowledgeable about military issues from a peace activist perspective. Amongst other activities he is a member of Shannon Watch

John talks to us about the Irish responsibility in supporting the military machine that is causing the immigrant crisis.

We discuss how the media is covering these issues.

We look at the wider impacts of military solutions to todays problems and John thinks that the strategies of targeting traffickers of immigrants/refugees is doomed to failure.

We discuss how European countries are responding to the situation and compare the new EU countries from the East and the long-established EU countries.

We also looks at issues surrounding refugee statehood and the EU preference of Syrian Refugees above other valid refugees.

We talk about homelessness in Ireland and possible impacts on Syrian refugees on housing pressures. John explains Ireland’s direct provision for refugees and that this system should be disbanded as it only benefits private companies..

…effectively prison conditions…” – John Lannon quoted in the interview while describing Irelands Direct Provision for refugees.

COP 21 – Is independent news coverage at risk? Report from Charles William Digges

r1Ns1m4E_400x400Charles Williams Digges discusses the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Paris and the difficulties of independent journalists in getting accreditation in an exclusive interview. This story is just a small bit of the picture concerning independent media exclusion that we will be covering over the coming weeks.

Link to podcast;

Charles also discusses a varietu of activist news from the BP Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima, Russian government and media attacks on Russian environmentalists including the another Russian NGO members claim for Asylum in Europe. We also discuss the politics of Big Oil and refer to the recent report concerning Norways Oil plans are actually breaking the constitution of Norway (

As the interview explains that there is a pressing need for the alternative media to gain more access to the conference so as to be able to pass the options on to the public at large. Charles Williams Digges is currently trying to get money for his trip to Paris. He will be living frugally and will donate any extra funds to the indeendent media stand outside of the conference.

If you think there is a need for this kind of reporting that will balance against the mining and fossil fuel companies lobbying of the conference members, please support the donation campaign for Charles to get to Paris here;

Links to some of the stories we were discussing that Charles has written.

Many activists condemn Copenhagen police tactics at Friday march, while Bellona says to refocus on climate deal July 2009

Sochi Human Righs Issues 2014 “Vladimir Putin’s Sochi Winter Olympic Games of 2014 proved a nearly unparalleled ecological and human rights disaster. Environmentalists were harassed and jailed, environmental law was rewritten to accommodate illegal construction and waste dumping in protected lands, Sochi’s drinking water was poisoned, and $51 billion in shady financing later, the Sochi region and surrounding forests, wetlands and beaches are nearly destroyed. This section covers the build up to the Games, the abuses committed during the Games, and the ongoing environmental and human rights degradations left in their wake. “

Link to relevant articles on the BP Gulf Oil Spill from Charles here

Link to Youtube Mpeg version of interview;

Why the DWP can’t publish the benefit reform death figures

Amazing research into the figures of deaths due to thte UK cut offs in Benefit amongst people with disablities .. Please watch the video on the link ..


I can’t access anything about 100,000 WCA deaths, can you post s link? Thanks

Get counting 😦 Kill the ill

Let me explain about the 100 000’s of deaths! The first break down is a old figure. That was 10 000, then the next figure from was a speculative figure supposedly kept as a confidential count from the campaigning charities active in this area. That figure was 50 000. Then came across a figure posted in the Guardian by Oxford Universities Medical Statistics Research Unit that under this government financial policies in the last four years, 1 in 28 deaths was preventable due to lack resources ( they mean staff!) The gave a total which numbered in the 100’s of thousands. So applied to the 1 in 28 the number I worked out was around the 80 000 untimely deaths in the NHS over the last four years. Those two…

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Watching the corporations watching us! – Fukushima and Atomic bombs health cover up and Irish news – ENW 2 August 2015

wlogo-smSource of Image ;

In part 1 of the show we look at a range of issues including our very own hacking and surveillance update, Monsanto trolls, TTIP issues, Uk mining in the courts, “Rivers of blood” speech from Hungary, London and Cairo military ties increasing, Yemeni forces attack a Saudi military base, CBC and Canada post to be privatised under TPP (wikileaks), cost of occupy protest for 17 days over 3 months comes to a staggering £2,000 000 approx, Norway joins critism of Isreali settlement moves, British oil interests working with ISIS , Eco- prisoner held by Russians refused release ( , Windows 10 versus Linux,

Link to Podcast here;

0615010Source of image ;

In the second part of the show we discuss with Herve Courtois (French activist, blogger and researcher) the issues with Fukushima evacuees, The PR companies methods to smooth over the bad news, The connection between health studies done after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how health studies are being equaly fudged by the nuclear corporations and Health Physicists, How the Japanese government is forcing evacuees back into contaminated areas against their will, How the Japanese blocked the UN petition to evacuate at least the children from more contaminated areas, We discuss also how the nuclear industry world wide is going into overdrive to promote the safety of nuclear energy around the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the timing of the first Japanese nuclear reactor to be brought back online. This is a fascinating interview packed with information that the main stream media can not report on. We discuss Wikileaks and the report concerning the spying on Japan by the NSA in recent years and the connection to the Okinawa protest.

Link to Podcast here;

image5Source for Image (Worth a read)

In Part 3 we discuss the connection with the CAPITA 28 million Euro Eircode con, Privatisation of the post office in Ireland, Uber, PPS, Irish Water and TTIP. We also discuss a range of Irish relevant topics including is innovation only being encouraged in the corporate sector at the expense of the smaller buisnessman? Irish Cancer group report that health care could be seriously impacted by TTIP deal, Shell oil loses 2.6 Billion in profits in the last financial quarter due to multiple actions against their buisness ethics from around the world including in Ireland by Shell to Sea in Mayo and Greenpeace in Northern Ireland and more..

Link to podcast here;