Margaretta Darcy – Guantanomo Granny strikes again! Ireland will be free!

Article by Shaun McGee and Jimmy Hagan

This is an Interview with 82 yr young, Margaretta D`Arcy the well known Irish peace activist. On asking her about the 1916 Independence proclamation she said;


You want me to talk about 1916 and since then It`s been downhill all the way

In the podcast we discuss the early negotiations of of the Anglo Irish Treaty which was ratified in 1922. She mentions that the UK position on hanging on to some of Ireland’s land mass was prevalent in the countries seeking Independence throughout the crumbling Empire (Indian Independence movements worked closely with the Irish Independence movement around this time).

She went on to say that Northern Ireland is a member of NATO (unlike the republic of Ireland) and that NATO is a part of the military industrial complex.

Turning to the situation in Ireland she mentions that Ireland has an arms industry worth some 23 billion euros and that we sell arms and military technology to Saudi Arabia, Israel, UK, Russia, France, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the USA. She then ties in the EU and NATO agreements that show Irish neutrality is at risk. She also connects the refugee crisis to NATO operations and poverty around the world.

Under the Lisbon treaty, Ireland is used for testing weapons.

and went on to say that

we need to end the Lisbon Treaty.

Oddly enough she pointed out that the arms coming through Shannon Airport have been manufactured using Irish Technology.

US Apache helicopters, used in Isreal to kill Palestinians – Their key components are made in Ireland by a US corporation based in Cork

The universities of Cork, Limerick and Trinity College Dublin are all linked to military research and Irish academics have collaborated with European Union projects with Israel, she said and that 1916 was supposed to be an anti imperialist war?

What is shocking in this country is that very little information is getting out and it is one of the counties dirty little secrets

she said.

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Scott Porter – The BP oil disaster – Current studies and observations of the animal and coral species in the Gulf

“…Its now turned into the dustbowl of the 1930`s …. Its literaly dead .. contaminated by marine snow…”

Scott said when referring to what he was seeing while diving in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years.

“..about 80 – 90% of the corals I would normally have harvested were gone and dead due to contaminated marine snow….”


In light of the recent finds by Samantha Joye (U of Georgia, Athens), we wanted to establish that the corexit did NOT break up the oil but only sunk it and killed the microbial community that would normally clean the oil from the water.

So, we introduce Scott Porter who was told to dive by the NOAA (2 weeks past a notice sent by the EPA telling NOAA to keep its divers out of the water) to dive in contaminated water. There is good evidence that scott was badly advised (Following FOI requests etc). He did his graduate work in marine biology in California and then moved to Louisiana to do aquaculture work.

Scott now runs Ecorigs, his organization is unique in that it dives off abandoned platforms to harvest coral. Scott’s other work includes finding out if there are high levels of crude and corexit still in the waters?


Download/Listen to the interview.

Published on the 21 of November 2015

Published to European News Weekly

Published by J Hagan, S Mc Gee and with help from C Digges

The case of the melting diving suits

Scott believes the damage was caused by solvents in the water which would have that effect on rubber and plastic..Scotts diving in the contaminated water over preceding years caused;

JF me in shk suit pic 4b

“two of my vulcanized rubber diving suits to melt”

Scott also mentions the issue of constant leaks from orphaned and abandoned wells in the Gulf. He goes onto mention about information about another well that has been constantly leaking and the response by the oil company which was to ignore the leak.

Problems with the clean up.

In the early days companies used to dig a pit and put the effluents into the pit and when levies collapsed on the pits the pollutants got dispersed everywhere in the waters. When the disaster happened the pollution response unit has no idea how to cope with it. They had no boats on the ready or no plan so they then decided to dump corexit on top of it. Dispersant are only to be used when skimming wasn’t possible but that rule was not observed in this case.

Testing Procedures.

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Herve Courtois regarding the Dana Durnford case – Freedom of speech – Is it ok to threaten individuals?


This hour we are joined by Herve Courtois who is a prolific Anti-Nuclear Activist and blogger to discuss what is appropriate and what is not, when it comes to dealing with men and women who work for corporations. We are asking the question ” Is it reasonable to speak aggressively and in a threatening way to these individuals or is it more appropriate to attack the subject with room for the odd satirical snipe at individuals”.

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks. I have been called a troll. have you been called a troll too?

“Oh yes” he says in a rather cool tone as one who is well used to the term.

Should we support our Scientists even if we dont always agree with them?

Those Scientist that are qualified to bring us the data especially in the field of Marine Biology where there are maybe only 5 qualified scientists. So they need our support as much as we need them to bring out the facts. To attack these scientists is not constructive or productive. Herve sees it as our duty to reach out to these Scientists and work hand in hand with them.

Do you see it as our role as bloggers to act as a lobby?

We have to act on their individual conscionsciousness. they are human beings like us and one can wake them up. It has happened many time in the past.

How do you think the scientists could have responded in relation to Dana Durnford?

When you threaten them with violence and one may expect something coming back. Some of these bloggers have been threatening them and their families for a long time. they probably could no longer ignore it.

Herve continues with a list of names of Scientists who have been insulted by Dana Durnford and Kevin Blanch. Names like Dr Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gunderson, Chris Busby, Ken Buesseler and Tim Mousseau. Herve continues;

How can one insult Tim Mousseau? He works for us! He is bringing us the proof of the contamination!

Herve explains that Kevin Blanch is smarter because he doesn’t name names, where Dana is very pointed with his threats.

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Kevin Hester with his Extinction Report and John Lannon update from Shannonwatch

European News Weekly

Hosts: Shaun Mc Gee and Jimmy Hagan
Guest: Kevin Hester and John Lannon

Kevin is our new co-host who will be bringing us the Extinction Report each week from now on covering topics relating to ecological matters and the current state of the climate.

John Lannon brings us an update on matters of Irish Neutrality and the American use of shannon airport as.a hub for the deployment of arms and munitions to wars in foreign countries.

Hour 1 European News Roundup


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Transcription of some of the speaches from the child sexual abuse demonstration outside Parliament in the UK. We talk about other legal and austerity issues in the uk. We also cover many stories from around Europe with shout outs to various activist groups. We also include a recent RT interview with Sister Meggan Rice on her recent incarceration in prison.

Hour 2 Extinction Report with Kevin Hester


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We discuss pollution causing dementia and its connection to air craft emissions.We talk about mega city droughts in San Paulo. We discuss a health risk warning concerning breast milk in Germany. And various studies in Nuclear , Fracking , pollution contamination causing health effects. We present an exclusive report via Naomi Wolf and her team on facebook concerning the sabotage of one of the Gaze Freedom Flotilla Fleet that has been covered up and we give an update on the situation of the VA Marrianne ship that is ploughing towards Gaza in stealth mode. The ship is currently trying to break the blockade but is being tracked by drones by Israel.  Rounding up with the Extinction Report bring stories concerning climate change presented by Kevin Hester.


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This is the weekly standalone version of the Extinction Report updates on climate change effects brought to you by Kevin Hester our global climate reporter exclusive to European News Weekly.

Hour 3 Interview With John Lannon From Shannonwatch


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Today we are please to have back John Lannon peace activist from shannonwatch talking to us about a planned demonstration at an air show presenting military aircraft in a positive light. Clare Daly calls for the living wage rather than the minimum wage and we discuss the practical application of this in spain and holland.

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