European News Weekly broadcasts each sunday 1600 to 1900 GMT from (Redacted). Hosts Shaun Mc Gee and Jimmy Hagan bringing you topics which include.

  • Nuclear News
  • Ecological News
  • Activist News
  • Political News
  • We also have some really cool guests willing an capable of speaking on many different topics of interest.Why not join us some time. Sign up for an account with (redacted) log in and join the conversation. You can also download our pods from European News Weekly Podcast StorageRegard
    The Team at European News Weekly

Shaun Mcgee

Shaun has 5 years experience in Social media, is a blogger and activist supporting the victims of the Fukushima Daichi nuclear complex. He has been involved in Child Rights campaigns and has also been involved researching scientific issues on behalf of activist groups and individuals. Generally, he describes himself to having left wing socialist ideals but is largely apolitical, prefering to discern and disseminate news that is fact checked and credible. He was roped into the radio podcast scene by Jimmy Hagan and the boys at Peoples Internet Radio. He is looking forward to interviewing many interesting guests that just dont get into the main stream media and giving many very informative information from other credible bloggers from around the world.

Shaun had to flee the UK because of his activism and has found a warm home in Ireland to lick his wounds and rebuild his life. He is awaiting a message from Human Rights lawyers in the UK for him to be able to apply for an FOI request for details that will reveal large scale hacking and attacks on computers, mobile phones and even people around him. More on this when details have been worked out with the UK Police, Undercover Cops Pitchford Inquiry and the Human Rights NGO`s. Shaun is still waiting to be given the go ahead to apply for FOI`s and submit a Statement of Fact concenring these situations to the Pickford Inquiry. There is an amazing story here.

Jimmy takes over

Indeed Shaun Jimmy apparently is in Ireland and yes I did rope Shaun into radio. I think..

So where do I fit in

I hooked up with some folk in a Skype group who were exploring the concept of broadcasting radio using Open Source Software. I couldn’t help myself having had a few years experience of Linux under my belt I couldn’t help but accept the challenge and the opportunity to hook up with like minded folk and work together to solve the problem. I ended up then on Internet Radio doing bits and pieces doing shows and getting in touch with folkĀ  I thought might be interesting to talk to and others might like to hear and all the while gaining lots of interesting knowledge about the Linux sub system.

Enter the shady outbacker

I had been following godlike productions and was following the posts of a certain Australian whom I will not name who posted really useful information concerning the Fukushima disaster. I decided to contact him see if he would be willing to do a show on his research to date. Suffice it to say the unnamed put me in touch with Shaun. I think he did that because he probably though it would be a great platform for Shaun to add to his journalism and also because we were both in Ireland he may have also seen we could become more than just Skype buddies. And that is true. We have not met yet in person but we are in constant contact via Skype and Telephone. So I thank very much the strange nameless Australian

The future

I would hope that for this coming year (2016) we will somehow at least equal what we achieved the previous year. I am setup 24/7 and ready to record skype conversations, telephone calls and any other number of ways to connect folk up over long distances, record, edit and post. I hope to improve on my writing skills this year. I’ll be watching Shaun and learning as much as I can on how to research and verify sources. This year it would be nice to see EuropeanNewsWeekly become more inclusive. There are so many great researches out there and am all for the idea of bringing all the great bloggers, activists, scientists, epidemiologists, eyewitness’s together to speak and share their views, hopes, experiences and dreams.

It’s not a secret any more that the future of all life on the planet is in jeopardy; now is the time for people to find a way to communicate with each other in a meaningful way. It is clear the Establishment will not let go easy and will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the naughty box. Shaun coined the 5th Estate and I like it and do accept we now are the 5th Estate. Anyone and everyone writing, researching and podcasting. Together we can make a difference by sharing information.

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