Nuclear Hotseat notes 1 may 2017 Radioactive hidden wildfires

Notes for this weeks Nuclear Hotseat podcast European segment

Siberian wildfires with no mention of issues of the risk of radiation contamination;

No mention of radiation contamination on the wildfires around Namie in the Fukushima prefecture;

Some mention on the issue of re-contamination on this blog;

“Forest fires in Namie, Fukushima within the areas of highest contamination dubbed the “difficult to return zone” have burned since the weekend.”

New science paper highlights the issues with smaller particles causing more harm than originally thought which is relevant to the wildfire pollution issues of small radioactive particles etc being inhaled and getting into the bloodstream;

Staying indoors for a long time can cause lung cancer

Further resources showing the staggering levels of contamination in the wildfire areas;

Radiation reading done by a local activist before the wildfires in an area in the supposedly “safe zone”;


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