European report for Nuclear Hotseat podcast 14 February 2017 – Notes


Links to EDF closing down the radiation monitoring system during and after the explosion at the Flamanville nuclear power station and the risk to the Channel Islands because of the wind direction (This risk was denied by UK experts on a report done for the Channel Islands communities) Exclusive to;

Flamaville – More missing radiation data, From the 7th Feb 2017 from nuclear station

Flamaville nuclear owners EDF block nuclear-news article on Google search

Flamaville in flames – Radiation report and hidden spike? Heading towards the Channel Islands

Link to the report from Bristol University on the UK Government bodies underestimating the real cost to human life in their official reports;

Breaking – U.K. nuclear safety regulations place too low a value on human life

Link to a discussion (with sources) on the UK problems using Tax payers money to bail out the UK nuclear new builds;

UK Ministers “forced” to throw taxpayers cash at nuclear plants – Step 1 bail out – To get “skin in the game”!

Links to the Toshiba and Westinghouse financial reports mentioned within the segment;

Westinghouse may also be forced out of nuclear plant construction business

French EDF heading down the toilet after Flamanaville nuclear near miss!

Link to the Russian nuclear reactors flaws report;

Links to Thyroid stories discussing the issues resulting from the Fukushima Diachi 2011 nuclear accident;

Fukushima Blues – Is Thyroid Cancer good for you and does it help if you smile?

Fukushima – Comparison of childhood thyroid cancer prevalence among 3 areas based on external radiation dose

more resources and background here;

Attribution sources from media

Department of Homeland Security USA media

The Times UK

Paul Dorfman

Bristol University


EURDEP radiation mapping



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