A Special Team To Secure The Bengali Republic Day Parade From Nuclear And Chemical Threats

From Google translate

New Delhi, January 4: the impregnable fortress on the occasion of the Republic Day in New Delhi l President from becoming prime minister, foreign dignitaries, including the countries that are protected, to begin preparations for the Republic Day Parade l Army during the attack of any sort is not so, for final l warn army


Republic Day in Delhi Police has trained l Air Force aerial attacks of any kind, so that the police can handle initially, he has been training for l On the other hand, a special force for the first time can be seen in the Republic Day parade chemical hamalarodhaka l for any kind of chemical attack If the order is given up, it will be prepared for the disaster due to the force of the l mokabilakari force (NDRF) A team with more than 90 people CBRN- day stay at l

Sources, CBRN- the advanced technology of the members have more than one weapon, one of which l l hajamata weapon to prevent any kind of chemical attack is very active in the device l

Rehearsal is on the streets of Delhi ..

In addition, the venue will be in charge of the Delhi Police and the Central Security Force patrol at least 50 thousand people will be monitored by aerial drones l l l Alongside includes CCTV camera surveillance

On the occasion of the Republic Day, the Central Intelligence Agency has already issued a final warning l As a result, up to the attack of any sort can be made for the military and the police l
Source in Bengali only http://www.india.com/bengali/india/a-special-team-to-secure-the-republic-day-parade-from-nuclear-and-chemical-threats/
Published Date: January 24, 2017 8:49 AM IST

The above threat was highlighted by these articles;

We reported recently on the mostly censored story on Jihadists acquiring Highly Enriched Fissionable Uranium which was discovered by the Indian police. The reporting of this find was played down and the term “Depleted Uranium” was used instead of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) as the purity of the reported Uranium and high cost  revealed. The full article with sources can be found here;
Whilst some traction on this story happened in India it was not reported by any western or Russian outlets. In fact I did a short video showing that the story was being heavily managed here;
Instead we got a huge increase in other nuclear stories because President Trump did a “nuclear tweet” (The timing was suspicious if I were a PR guy btw) . Talk about an over reaction to a non story by the media around the world.The reality of this Indian report was overlooked and the actual fact that Jihadists  have been able to access over 4 million dollars worth (9KG)  of the fissionable HEU, means that they are now able to make a small nuclear device cheaply with low tech means with the billions from oil revenues from the Syrian and Iraq conflicts under the noses of the USA and Russia, we might assume they have bought more than just a measly 4 million dollars worth perhaps?
Highly Enriched Uranium, a Dangerous Substance that Should Be Eliminated
“….Furthermore, it is more difficult to detect by technical means. Therefore, in comparison to plutonium, HEU is much easier to divert, smuggle and hide. Moreover, a crude nuclear explosive made of HEU can be constructed in a much simpler way than one made using
plutonium. For these reasons, HEU is the material most wanted by terrorists. A few tens of kilograms are sufficient for one explosive, but the quantities existing in the world add up to hundreds of tons…..”   https://www.hsfk.de/fileadmin/HSFK/hsfk_downloads/prif124.pdf
Instead of the IAEA and associated nuclear watchdogs stepping in to stop the sale and movement of HEU and similar products we see nuclear deals are just being struck for billions of dollars to ship this material around the world without finding out who and where this black market nuclear material is being sold.
One such deal has been realised between Rosatom and TEPCO that are possibly two of the most nontransparent companies facing financial problems since the Fukushima 2011 nuclear disaster and the resulting economic collapse in nuclear investments.
The fact that this important story is being ignored should worry us all as it means we are not on our guard for a planned attack.
There are 2 main scenarios with terrorists being obviously able to get a hold of this with the huge financial resources at their disposal as they would likely have paid for more than just 9 Kg as the material was so cheap (as reported by the Indian police). It is likely they could have bought hundreds of kilos of the material at a discount rate with no problem. So is this the only HEU they have?
1/  They could make small detonating devices with a low kiloton yields. This would mean some planning but they would likely try to get the materials in place and then launch a multiple attack. They would likely find it difficult to make a second such attack, by then, preparations for monitoring for radioactive materials could be put in place and transporting materials would be hard. It would be better to begin looking for these materials now.
2/ they could grind up the metal and feed it into a food processing plant (such as baby milk powder etc) and this would likely result in hundreds of thousands of casualties but would not be discovered for possibly many years. Such an attack could be prolonged and cause great damage before it was discovered.
So what can we do about it? If the authorities and Media ignore the story and hope it goes away then, nothing could be done. As this material can be easily transported and distributed to many cities (they used 2 motorcycles to transport it and were stopped on the road to or from Mumbai) and if this is a large coordinated strategy then other packets are on route as we speak.
1/  The cat is out of the bag and there is no return so we should start to monitor for the movement of these materials across borders and into large cities.
2/  The security services should concentrate their resources on these terrorist networks instead of civil society activists etc.
3/  The wars should stop and we should be trying to win hearts and minds instead of dropping bombs so as to get better intelligence than the cyber warriors can or have supplied (cyber warriors have obviously already failed to stop them getting this material and many reports including testimony from Edward Snowden have proven).
4/  All nuclear waste of both high and intermediate levels needs to be secured worldwide and the failed institutions such as the IAEA need massive reforming and better transparency.
5/  we need to stop making more of this material and need to close the existing nuclear power plants down and create a safer and more sustainable energy network.
6/ The major powers need to stop playing games with politics and start working together as they quietly do in the financial and nuclear sectors.

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    Part 3 – Exactly a year ago I found a heavily censored story and did 3 posts that got little attention but is relevant to this months theme on nuclear weapons proliferation using low technology techniques that are being planned to be built by ISIS (or whatever their new re branding is)


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