And now for the next chapter! Ireland and Sellafield!

Before I call everyones attention to the Ireland related Sellafield issues, I will just wade through this bit of excitement, but briefly. The last 3 posts on the blog documented some surveillance and blocking that seems to be occurring with blogs connected to Ireland. It seems some of the blocked links became unblocked (at around the same time) except for the Sellafield link (which has been re blogged in the UK without Google blocking it, So no harm done). I urge Irish blogs to check their headlines with Google search to find the full extent of the blocking. A reblog on the Sellafield post in has had its Google search block lifted also (After nearly a month)

I have to commend the Gardai (I presume it was them) for their clear warning and sense of humor (you had to be there). It seems the original story is now starting to break and it looks like a call for reform (without any waste of time Inquiries I hope, The corporation/Governments best friend to “manage” bad news ).


Image source; (NOTE the diagram shows the full extent of contamination but the really hot spot gets to some 150 Km from the plant easily hitting Ireland depending on the weather and winds.

The overt surveillance has now stopped, Phew! As they realised We were heading towards some less contentious (but not too much) storyline`s in the near future. With this in mind my rant against overt, Stasi like surveillance is done. Normal service will resume (and so will our Google hits I hope 🙂 ).

So we are waiting and hoping for a transparent and crime free future in Ireland and it looks like the ball is rolling on that issue (that might attract the Japanese etc  business fleeing the UK in search of a new European HQ – NOTE; they are leaving one of the most surveillance prone countries in the world where they can have no private communication , can Ireland offer them something like that? Iceland has plans for safe encryption and strong free speech laws, I hope we take a lesson from some of the ideas that are floating around).

Sellafield, the big radioactive fish in the room!


Image source;

To finish, There is something really fishy about the Sellafield meetings in Ireland (Due in the next week approx). The Irish Government did not join other boundary/downwind countries around the UK in a recent ESPOO (Cross boundary contamination from nuclear sites) Convention statement in connection with the Hinkley nuclear power plant plans in the UK . Has the Irish government been lobbied by proven UK nuclear lobby “liars” and “Spin merchants”  (the Sellafield management and attendees of the UK Parliamentary Committee 2014)?

Friends of the Earth Ireland have written a damming critique of the use of the UK biased contamination Plume projections and respected nuclear expert John Large has stated that a radioactive plume could reach some 150 km (or more), thereby, destroying the good name Irish Agriculture has earned itself worldwide. Also, such an accident would destroy the lucrative Japanese market for clean Irish Seaweed (Post Fukushima).

In a recent spate of to and fro, between the nuclear lobbies experts and the Independent experts, it appears that the main spokesperson for radiation dose and health (Prof, Geraldine Thomas – currently touring Australia) has been slammed by Prof. Keith Baverstock (Ex World Health Organisation) in Fissionline #45, a few months ago and her Fukushima claims were debunked and the BBC reluctantly took the offending and embarrassing  video of her in the Fukushima exclusion zone in March 2016 down).

Also, The pro nuclear lobby are desperately trying to increase the allowable annual dose so as to mitigate the thousands of contaminated areas in many countries from excessive claims against health and environmental damage. From 1 mSv/y to an incredible 100mSv/y!! Watch this space!

The Irish government has all these facts as some were widely distributed in the media and others have already been mentioned by the stakeholders. Does Dublin deserve such a massive risk on its doorstep, some quarter of the population in the Republic at risk within hours?

Will the 1 million odd people in Dublin have access to Iodine supplements? The UK nuclear lobby would state that there is no risk!…. Just like the Japanese said before Fukushima  Some 300 odd billion Euros are being used in only the first phase of the so called clean up. Compensation claims to residents and business are pitiful in the most part and there is still 100,000 internally displaced refugees from the nuclear accident areas.

It is likely that health effects are kept quiet because of non disclosure agreements that are signed prior to getting money for hospital treatment etc but the new Secrets Act also threatens imprisonment to any one disclosing information about Fukushima and related health issues (especially Doctors and health professionals)

Be wary Ireland! There are wolves at the door! Say NO to Sellafield !! and share this with your friends (especially if they live on the East coast of Ireland or 100 Km inland from there) .

Regards, from the trenches, Shaun and Jimmy


Source evidence of Claim against the Ministry of Defence radiation health “expert” getting it terribly wrong here;

Link to Fissionline #45 extensive and damning critique on UK health risk advice from MOD “Expert” May 2016;

Update; Fissionline link dead

PDF for evidence (for download) can be found at the bottom of this article;

Link to the end of the Fissionline nuclear info website and nuclear expert Prof Geraldine Thomas`s OBE? #RIP and #RIPA



7 thoughts on “And now for the next chapter! Ireland and Sellafield!

  1. I think Irish gov apathy is partly or maybe even totally related to the grid connections, first with the UK and Dublin and then with Cork and France underway. That makes Ireland dependent upon nuclear France, as well as Britain whose reactors are owned by nuclear France. Also, as you observe, contaminated Irish Sea is contaminated seafood, but even contaminated Dublin. The fish and seafood (and seaweed) would have been an issue when the Irish gov objected in the past. So, I think it must be the grid. They haven’t invested adequately in renewables and one can only burn so much peat moss.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great points on the Grid connections to these countries and Ireland is sleep walking through the renewable energy rise to power 🙂 instead of grasping it and producing power to export.. Another fail.. PS feel free to reblog in full as Google has blocked this one as well 😉 Namaste


  2. I will cut and past core text about Sellafield and Ireland like you have sometimes mine unless you object (or if I don’t hear from you soon for if I don’t post now I will forget). Google ranks me well, so I’m not going to criticize them with no evidence. It may just take time to get popular enough to appear. Bing is Bill Gates pro-nuclear. While it doesn’t please me to think it I would think it more likely the Irish gov or UK gov running across the border.

    WordPress had some trouble with an Irish judge forcing or trying to force them to unveil a blogger who raised legitimate concerns about a penny stock oil company. I think WordPress may have left Ireland for that reason.

    Also, if you don’t post almost daily you will just sort of disappear off the search engines. I worried when I started that no one would find me. Some students worked industriously to promote the blog when it was a Haiti blog and I try to post daily to keep it alive.

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    1. Thats fine! edit away! I do have all the evidence in screenshots, Posts that are not blocked and posts that are.. 🙂 Best not to annoy the Irish Gardai anymore than they have been already.. As an aside I have had a flurry of hits from Switzerland (Independent WHO maybe?) Also, was blocked up until a few days ago with Sellafield but i pointed out that it was an Australian Blog and they unblocked it (was nice of them). Christina was going to raise ructions LOL.. Odd that the UK is not using this facility though whilst the Irish are? Thanks for the comment and getting the important parts of the blog on Sellafield out there.. Namaste as always!


      1. Many thanks. How do you mean blocked? I don’t know if each country’s google is independent – it could be – meaning that the gov could put pressure too. Maybe you should ask some of the anti-nuclear Irish politicians.

        Could be Austria routed through Switzerland. Switzerland will be deciding if they keep Beznau 1 going with 700 or 1000 holes in it, I forget. All of their reactors are down except one with a cracked sleeve and one that I reckon has the most potential to have defective Le Creusot (France) parts outside of France, along with Prairie Island next to an American Indian Res. So, the fact that they have extended the outage for Leibstadt looks very bad.

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