Ireland a fascist state 100 years after the 1916 uprising!

…..the Sellafield article has been blocked (to date) by Google soon after it was posted at nuclearnews and europeannewsweekly blogs……

Irish State surveillance, UK state surveillance, USA state surveillance.. War against the “left” as sponsored by the Atlantic Council (USA) See these links for evidence of what is to come in the next year or so! Buckle up Ladies and Gentlemen!


Video evidence of surveillance on Whistleblowers, Government Ministers and Journalists etc here;

(My video came up immediately on Google search)

Alliance at Risk: Strengthening European Defense…

This video explains how the Atlantic council talkers were thinking about a range of issues including how to create a right wing fortress Europe. Now being implemented. They find Russia nuclear positioning “terrifying” “disturbing” Worrisome” will “Keep us awake at night” .. Worth a view for some interesting military thinking.

More resources here;

Seminar on US Imperialism and Militarisation in Ireland banned!
Posted on October 5, 2016 .
(Owing to pressure from media the Shannonwatch version of this article was unblocked yesterday)

Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press.
Posted on October 3, 2016 . (This article became search-able on Google yesterday)

Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.
Posted on September 19, 2016 .
(The Irish Government is doing a behind the scenes deal to OK Sellafields operation even though the Sellafield management has been proven to lie to even their own Parliaments. Ireland doesn’t want truth just PR managed views and ideas.)
I have been under overt surveillance for 4 days and the Sellafield article has been blocked (to date) by Google soon after it was posted at nuclear-news and europeannewsweekly blogs..


Screenshot from 2016-10-05 17:11:14.png

Only the article that was mirrored on the top 2 links were accessible (From a UK blogger/activist) and the video below from Facebook was posted at 05.45 on the 4th October 2016.

And this was the first time I noticed this odd wireless network appearing near my home.

Thank you for truth telling Luke “Ming” Flanagan FB link
Regards Shaun


4 thoughts on “Ireland a fascist state 100 years after the 1916 uprising!

  1. Here are the links showing that your allegations of monitoring are probably true, though your screen shot says it all:

    The current ruling party actually has real fascist ties. Also, they are a party of compromise with Britain, whereas those like Maguire wanted total independence. It is interesting that Irish protestants, like Maguire, seem to have been more keen on total independence.

    About Fine Gael and fascism:
    “The Army Comrades Association (ACA), later the National Guard, then Young Ireland and finally League of Youth, but better known by the nickname The Blueshirts (Irish: Na Léinte Gorma), was a far-rightorganisation in the Irish Free State in the early 1930s. The organisation provided physical protection for political groups such as Cumann na nGaedheal from intimidation and attack by the anti-Treaty IRA.[1] Some of its members went on to fight for the Fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Most of the political parties whose meetings the Blueshirts protected would merge to become Fine Gael, and members of that party are still sometimes nicknamed “Blueshirts”.

    The current French PM who has done the dangerous state of emergency in France seems to be from a Spanish fascist family.

    Why I say to take a look at Maguire:
    “He is also remembered in the political sphere for recruiting the nationalist leader Michael Collins to the Irish Republican Brotherhood in 1909 and for many years was one of Collins right hand men. As Collins’s chief intelligence officer in London, Maguire became the centre of Scotland Yard’s investigation into the assassination of Sir Henry Wilson. Maguire was tipped off and fled to Dublin in December 1923[3] where he got a job in the newly established Irish civil service. Because of his political opinions and his sympathies to the Anti-Treaty forces, he quickly clashed with his superiors and was dismissed.

    Cork-based Margaret Walsh, who has written Sam Maguire: The Enigmatic Man Behind Ireland’s Most Prestigious Trophy, says that “what became of him was very sad”. “In 1924, he was sacked and deprived of his pension. They (the Irish Government) gave him £100 and that was it. “In 1925, he came back to west Cork to live. He then developed TB and died in penury in 1927 aged 49. They say that he died of a broken heart and penniless,” she says.[4]”Éamon_de_Valera

    As for the Anglo-Norman Fitzgeralds-Earls of Desmond aristocracy – they seem to have been routinely in revolt against the British crown but the ire of Britain fell upon their hired Scottish soldiers and the native Irish again and again. The Scottish soldiers were sent to the Caribbean as slaves. The Fitzgerald in question is actually a Ryan married to a Fitzgerald.

    However, Flanagan’s apparently not a great source: His comments on Switzerland and drugs are totally wrong. They don’t do heroin but they do cocaine because they all have money and plenty of time. They have both real mafia and petty mafia like groups. Per capita property crime is higher than in the US and the UN has threatened to leave because of crime in Geneva. Americans and Irish do drugs because they are poor and depressed. The Swiss because they are well-off with lots of holidays and bored. Both the US and Ireland favor foreigners over their own. The US gives surrogate drugs to wean people off, just not the drugs themselves, so his argument on that is false too. While I’m talking about falsehoods told about Switzerland – Switzerland doesn’t have a socialized medical system. People are required to buy insurance – even old folk. Good insurance is around as costly as private insurance in the US. Thus, young people have become indebted just because they didn’t pay their health insurance – more indebted than American students, especially since in Switzerland you are considered an adult at age 15, rather than 18.

    If anyone is blocking your posts I think it must be the Irish gov rather than Google. However, sometimes posts have to reach a certain level of popularity to be found. This may be why it appeared after one month.

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    1. That is some great sleuthing!! I havent worked out yet who is now doing surveillance on activists . Usually it would have been the Irish Defense Force (aka Security Services) but after the Irish Bankers tapes were released the IDF did not apply for any phone taps after 2014. So the Government changed the role of the security services in some way or other.. “..If anyone is blocking your posts I think it must be the Irish gov…” I agree that the government is behind it and the spies are just following orders,, It is interesting that no other bloggers have noticed this situation going on. I do not think I am the only one.. They are unsure about censoring and unblocked that blog after I had a discussion with Christina Mac Phearson from Australia who is the main administrator for that blog.. If I hadnt noticed that the Sellafield article was getting no hits over the last month because of the Irish articles.. I might say it is an irony that the security Services and Gardai seem to be split and are at odds with each others roles and objectives. !00 years after the first major step for the fight for independence . As to popularity and time taken for Google to publish, on is is usually immediate.. On europeannewsweekly google + will always pick up the article but with the headline blocked still.. I get my Google hits via Google + .. Thanks for adding to the discussion and the research on the posts! Namaste


      1. Thanks. One nice thing I discovered is that while I think at 99% that I am kin to Maguire, there is another Irish politician who was for total independence who is definitely my kin! I would have wanted total independence from Britain like them with no crown.

        Yes it shows immediately because Christina has worked on nuclear news for almost a decade and posts 5 to 10 articles daily (with help) it shows quickly. Her blog is tops and no one will ever beat her blog. But, your blog is newer and you had a long period when you weren’t posting. I also don’t know if when people subscribe and read in email if it counts. Many of your hits aren’t showing – in fact the vast majority – because more and more are surfing anonymously because they are scared. Sometimes my posts show zero even after I am given one or more stars or facebook link. Flying Cuttlefish wasn’t able to get on wordpress for awhile. The problem is that it’s hard to tell. And, frankly you must presume that you are being spied upon and act accordingly, especially if you are not anonymous. It grieves me to know that Ireland isn’t better but the very fact that Ireland treats its own citizens so badly, just like the US does should be a hint. Also, that it doesn’t allow right of return of descendants of those often forcibly deported during the Great Famine but welcomes non-Irish with open arms.
        Why must the Irish still seek work abroad but foreigners can get work? Americans have the same problem. Italy allows right of return and I think it has a lot more people than Ireland. I need to check out the banking tapes if I can find them. There was something that I recall about the Germans dumping the financial fallout upon the Irish taxpayer. I saw it on a French documentary.

        Anyone who doesn’t expect government spying is very young or has had their head in the sand. They are like the nosy grandmother reading everyone’s mail! It’s also good to be reminded, however.

        I find that they have the right to go in your house and not tell you disconcerting. You can come up with tricks to see if anyone came in, however.

        Also, police corruption is very frightening.

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