Farewell to Peoples Internet Radio and Facebook Hacking issues, also,stories on the way

Owing to some issues with our pod host service at Peoples Internet Radio, We will be re-hosting all the MP3`s from that source over the next couple of weeks. We also have had problems with Soundcloud and only 3 of those links will work for the most recent articles that used that service. However Apart from the John Lannon article the others will work.

A solution to any broken links is to go to our video upload back up site on You Tube which is at;


There you will find most of our most recent podcast links and the rest will be posted up on our new server when we get that sorted out.

Over the next week we will be developing this site and updating various links and text as we are unfortunately pulling away from Peoples Internet Radio because of Admin issues there that have been taking up quite a bit too much of our time and has been interrupting the important work and development we do here and behind the scenes on many platforms . We wish many of our friends, fellow podcasters and supporters there a fond farewell from that platform but hope to use the opportunity to develop a cutting edge group of bloggers and researchers that we were hoping to develop anyway.

Also, due to a recent spate of blocking and hacking on Facebook, we will be developing a new separate homepage for activists news sources that will incorporate multiple RSS feeds for your ease of surfing. This page will remain the place that all our articles will be posted to so please remember to bookmark it or subscribe for email notification.

Also, by the weekend we will have a very interesting interview with Birgitta Jonsdottir from the Icelandic Pirate  Party and co founder of Wikileaks discussing Direct Democracy, Surveillance, Icelandic environmental issues and even some poetry from this very dynamic lady. Please look out for it..

The reason for the recent hack was because of two stories that are breaking concerning a massive coverup in Sweden from a nuclear reactor at Rhinghals  (where the Western nuclear authorities are trying to blame Russia and also some stunning stupidity of the UK nuclear Industry in trying to cover up the health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster by the BBC and Science media Centre. Both these articles are still awaiting further data so we can give you the most up to date information on these stories.

Thank you for your patience

Shaun and Jimmy




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