Ringhals Nuclear plant in Sweden has serious problems!

The real problem is for children and pregnant women near the Ringhals NPP who were under the more dense plume.


Posted by Shaun McGee

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Over the course of the last week Ringhals nuclear power plant in western Sweden has been releasing a variety of isotopes including;

Iodine 131, Cesium 134 and 137, Cobalt 60, Beryllium 7, Cerium 144, Tellurium 132

Source; http://eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu/EurdepMap/Default.aspx

The spike that was recorded on the top right graph registered at 0.8 mcSv/h but there were gaps in the record as you can see for the days previous to that. This is indicative, I believe, of higher spikes that have been covered up by the IAEA in Germany who have access to the EURDEP main frame.

The graph on the bottom right is a reading from Finland that has a gap that hides another peak a couple of days ago.

It is interesting to note that the nuclear regulatory and monitoring group STUK from Finland released a press release on the 8th March 2016 after the radioactive plume had passed. and the small amount left in the air was measured and reported publicly. In the press release they deny knowledge of the source of the plume although they have access to the more comprehensive monitoring system that is not available to the public. The press release with the frightening headline is here; http://www.finlandtimes.fi/health/2016/03/08/25649/Huge-radioactive-cesium-detected-in-Helsinki . Also, they do not mention Iodine 131 that was present in similar amounts nor do they mention the types of other isotopes that their system also measures.

The real problem is for children and pregnant women near the Ringhals NPP who were under the more dense plume. Ian Fairlie proved that these releases cause leukemia in children and other scientists like Christopher Busby would claim that there would be other health effects from these dense plumes on the population affected, both adult and children. Because the plume was occurring for nearly a week, we could assume that the downwind areas might have been Denmark, Norway, and Sweden with Finland hit to a lesser degree (At least STUK did report this nuclear incident) depending on the wind directions.

Germany would normally warn locals that a release was going to happen so people would be able to move away for a day or two until the plume dissipated. As this release from Sweden went on for a week it is likely that Ringhals NPP had some problems and this might not have been a simple refuel or SCRAM situation.

On the anniversary of Fukushima, it is obvious that European nuclear interests have tried to cover this situation up. But that didnt work this time.

Say No To Nukes! Say YES to Wind Solar! Protect our children!

I have reported this extra information to the Finland Times so that they can update the story for better accuracy (2nd attempt 🙂 )

Screenshot from 2016-03-09 03:29:52

5 thoughts on “Ringhals Nuclear plant in Sweden has serious problems!

    1. The source is in EURDEP.. The Gottenborg monitor had all previous data deleted (north of the plant after my email, enquiring about it) . I have not yet received a response to my email requesting clarification on the situation. The email will be included in the next story. The isotopic range is still working on EURDEP and though the figures were low it did include equal amounts of iodine and cesium 137 in air .. The wind ddirections can be seen with any decent wind mapping system (i suggest magic seaweed and use its archive function that is easy to use that disproves their claim of it coming froom Russia .. And I agree NO NUKES 🙂 .. If I get no response to the email I will be also able to draw a tentative conclusion that I am about right.. 😉 Regards Shaun


      1. Thanks for reply.

        Many of the spikes and gaps can be related to solar storms. 7.3. there were gaps and spikes and solar storm. Yesterday (15.3) gaps were visible again as solar storm hit.

        Finland’s “plume” can’t be related as it was damaged cesium source in building. http://www.stuk.fi/web/en/-/the-damaged-cesium-source-is-now-confined-at-the-storage-of-suomen-nukliditekniikka Finland is one of least corrupt countries, I see no reason to question this.

        Hallandsvadero 700nSv/h peak is neither dangerous.

        I can’t confirm the detected isotopes and there is no info about levels of them.

        Conspiracies are okay, but here it feels like bending the info.

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      2. So the iodine 131 Cesium 137 , cesium 134 and other isotopes that i saw on Eurdep and asked for clarification of in my email (still awaiting a reply btw) still need to be addressed .. I will report the reply if i get one .. no dramatic spikes during this period from sun spots btw .. http://sunspotwatch.com/


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