Fukushima Health study March 2016 some thoughts with video


Published by Shaun McGee aka Arclight

Some thoughts on the recent Fukushima health study press conference

Bearing in mind that if Hokuto Hoshi said anything different he would have been liable to prosecution because of the Japanese Secrets Law. He did say that he could not say that the Thyroid cancers found were caused by radiation nor were they proven to be not caused by radiation @28 mins and then later @54 minutes he replied that there MIGHT be some problems with initial dose estimates…

Also, during the conference, the fact that children under 5 had no cancers was interesting and this fact was not explored. In Chernobyl we see continuing cases of thyroid cancer but no Iodine 131 present , so what is causing both the cancers in Chernobyl areas and Fukushima areas? Is it because the younger children were better protected from contamination than the school children at the time? Do Cesium isotopes cause thyroid cancer? did the school children get higher contamination eating the local food and cleaning up the school areas?

It is common for children to clean the school and serve the food in Japan and did this cultural trait cause the thyroid cancers we see?..

Also, he did say that their is a problem including children over 13 in the survey because they are over 18 and may not be included in the statistics (but no one asked him to explain this issue in detail ie no actual statistics) .. The question on the elderly was interesting as he said that the survey team did not work with elderly etc evacuees but this was left to the prefecture authorities to deal with and we know that the prefecture will not discuss any health related issues that are not mental health related. .

Towards the end of the session he mentioned that using a baseline in a clean area might cause stress for the unaffected population and therefore no such study was planned (so no baseline for the Fukushima study?? ) .. When asked if the Fukushima doctors were compromised as they just blame psychological stresses causing health effects, he said that the doctors were not compromised (even though they would face criminal prosecution if they said anything different)

Prof Tsuda`s Thyroid study was not mentioned by the press or himself, but he intimated that doctors outside the prefecture were not necessarily more reliable than the Fukushima doctors..

Press Conference: Hokuto Hoshi, Chairperson, Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for Fukushima Health Management Survey.
Speech:Japanese with interpretation.
March 07, 2016@Tokyo
Video of conference here

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Abe’s secrets law undermines Japan’s democracy
by Jeff Kingston

“…Would the investigations into the causes of the Fukushima nuclear accident and the collusive relations between coopted regulators and the utilities that compromised reactor safety have been made public under the new law?

The reason why the public and media pressured the government to enact the national Information Disclosure Law in 2001 was because similar prefectural and local ordinances had exposed extensive malfeasance by bureaucrats and their squandering of vast sums on lavish wining and dining in the 1990s….”



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