Challenging the ICRP dose model with Chris Busby – Nuclear Test Veterans Court Update


h/t missmilkytheclown on Youtube for added info

Excellent video post! A Must See & great links provided from detail box: Prof Chris Busby has had concerning British nuclear test veterans in the UK & their battle with the UK Ministry of Defence & the Home Office. New parameters have been set allowing Prof Busby to challenge the MOD on the false science that they are trying to use to support their case against the nuclear test veterans. This is a first in the UK. This case now has the possibilities of opening up the questions concerning Depleted Uranium and other isotopes that have been deemed to be “low dose”.

Challenging the ICRP dose model with Chris Busby – Court Update: Visuals from Chris Busby: Nuclear Test Veterans Betrayal Prof Busby talks about the Test veterans radiation Pensions Appeals Tribunals cases. Reports will be placed on the internet on the sites THE LOW LEVEL RADIATION CAMPAIGN and on Meteorogical records, airflow and other factors affecting local fallout from british nuclear tests at christmas island in 1957-58. Occasional paper 2010/12 01/12/2010 Enhancement of absorbed dose from natural background gamma radiation due to photoelectron induction in uranium particles… Science on trial: on the biological effects and health risks following exposure to aerosols produced by the use of depleted uranium weapons Invited presentation to the royal society london,

(…) Pandora’s canister: a preliminary examination of the safety assessment sr-site for the skb proposed kbs-3 nuclear waste repository at forsmark sweden and associated activities relating to the disposal of spent nuclear fuel submission to: the swedish land and environmental court,(…) The health effects of exposures to radioactivity from the us pacific nuclear tests in the marshall is. Criticisms of the analysis of simon et al 2010 radiation doses and cancer risks in the marshall islands associated with exposure to radioactive fallout from bikini and enewetak nuclear weapons tests (…) The health outcome of the fukushima catastrophe ;initial analysis from risk model of the european committee on radiation risk ecrr occasional paper 2011/7 30th March 2011 Predicting the global health consequences of the chernobyl accident; methodology of the european committee on radiation risk April 24th 2011

Radioactivity in vehicle air filters from fukushima part i gamma emitting radionuclides. July 2011 Real data from the hiroshima bomb shows that the japanese a bomb study conclusions are false Jan 2010 Ionizing radiation and children’s health: conclusions 2006

Did chemical exposures of servicemen at porton down result in subsequent effects on their health? The 2005 porton down veterans support group case control study. First report. 27/07/2006 Advanced biochemical and biophysicalaspects of uranium contamination 2009 Fallujah uranium hair study 2011

Did he use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2 result in contamination of Europe? Evidence from the measurements of the Atomic eapons Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire, UK. Occasional Paper 2006/1 Yury Bandashevsky’s first book printed and sent to Chris Busby in 2000; the cause of Bandashevsky’s imprisonment; scanned 2000 Very low dose foetal exposure to Chernobyl contamination in Europe resulted in increases in infant leukemia  2009

Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah,  Iraq 2005–2009 Not to mention all the information available HERE: THE LOW LEVEL RADIATION CAMPAIGN

you can donate here to support costs of the case :


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