Fracking opponent detained under the Terrorism Act

SNIP The Prevent strategy is now a statutory duty for most public authorities. It uses a multi-channel programme called Channel, which, it says, helps to prevent individuals being drawn into radicalisation. Information is said to be shared between different agencies to tailor the most appropriate support.

Netpol said it had been contacted by anti-fracking activists from north west England who had been angered when they were unexpectedly referred to Channel because of their political opposition to onshore oil and gas extraction. In most cases, Netpol said, referrals appeared to have been made by universities and further education collections and all related to adults.

All five police forces in the north-west refused Netpol’s request to confirm the number of Channel referrals in 2015 made specifically for individuals said to be at risk of being drawn into extremism through involvement in anti-fracking campaigns. END SHIP


A prominent anti-fracking campaigner has revealed that he was detained under the Terrorism Act at Exeter Airport just before Christmas.

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