Irish Government ignores Kelly campaigners but main stream media still picking up on story!



Interview with Amanda and Emma Kelly. 6 November 2015  Podcast link;  (20 mins)

This is an update of their campaign to highlight their brother’s death in 2008. They want questions answered but recent attempts at correspondence and phone calls have yielded no significant response.

The Problems

The problems centre around the procedure for complaints against the police via GSOC the police oversight department. Complaints against the Gardai (Police) are referred to GSOC and then have been re back to the police. A system that has aroused much anger to many individuals families and Politicians.

The recent contact attempts have resulted in no response apart from an automatically generated thank you note.

The Improvements

Thanks to the dedication of Amanda, Emma and their family using social media and independent news sources, they have once again managed to get this important news story out to the public. Their message? That many affected families are unhappy with present organisation of Police complaints procedure and voices are beginning to be heard.

Also mentioned was Clare Daley and her support for the Kelly family but more TD`s could be supporting the campaign the sisters thought.

The Irish Star is releasing an article tomorrow on this story and the also is considering covering this story.

The story was covered on Prime Time TV in Ireland in October 2015.

A new email campaign is underway;

Link to petition;

Link to the Campaign website that contains all the relevant information on this case;

Link to previous European News Weekly interview from July 2015;


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