Serious Illnesses being caused by improper plumbing practices in Ireland with independent investigator, Tony Rochford

Link to Podcast (20 mins 48 seconds);

Tony Rochford has already highlighted aspects of his investigations that have even reached the ears of government but the specific issue discussed in the interview, he feels, is not being dealt with as urgently as it should be.

In this weeks show we discuss toxic fluid contaminating water supply at approx 100 ml per minute. Non return valves that are supposed to prevent back flow of contamination into a water supply are under scrutiny.

The liquid should only be able to travel in one direction but on close inspection we find contaminated water flowing back up through a pipe which could lead to contamination of water which could be used for brushing teeth or which a child could accidentally drink which could lead to serious illness or worse.

Tony explains how these faulty systems were installed due to lack of knowledge of health and safety procedures and lack of foresight and lack of inspection lead to little or no regulation in the installation of these central heating systems. Tony explains what has been happening in the Oireachtas (Government) meetings where the subject has been highlighted but any moves to remedy the situation are very slow to happen.

Link to video that shows the problem;

You can find Tony on facebook at

Link to download podcast here;


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