Why the DWP can’t publish the benefit reform death figures

Amazing research into the figures of deaths due to thte UK cut offs in Benefit amongst people with disablities .. Please watch the video on the link ..


I can’t access anything about 100,000 WCA deaths, can you post s link? Thanks

Get counting 😦 Kill the ill

Let me explain about the 100 000’s of deaths! The first break down is a old figure. That was 10 000, then the next figure from was a speculative figure supposedly kept as a confidential count from the campaigning charities active in this area. That figure was 50 000. Then came across a figure posted in the Guardian by Oxford Universities Medical Statistics Research Unit that under this government financial policies in the last four years, 1 in 28 deaths was preventable due to lack resources ( they mean staff!) The gave a total which numbered in the 100’s of thousands. So applied to the 1 in 28 the number I worked out was around the 80 000 untimely deaths in the NHS over the last four years. Those two…

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