Gaza, Shell Oil and a dangerous hunger strike. Wildfire human impacts and Far Right Fraud European News Weekly 19th July 2015


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In the first part of the show we have a stunning expose on the Far Right British National party. Thanks to the investigative work of we have testimony from an ex BNP member Dawn Charlton. This is really a must watch breaking story.

Next up we have Wayne Jones ( ) who is an anti nuclear activist and campaigner who breaks down some worrying issues with new and old nuclear power stations in Europe such as the risk of Flooding of coastal nuclear sites due to Global Warming effects on the Oceans and Ukranian nuclear sites under threat of accident or sabotage.

We also inform people that the powerful 60 Minutes show from Australia has now uploaded the Investigative report on Paedophileia cases in the UK government “Spies , Lords and Predators here;

Podcast here;


Photo of Canadian Wildfires Coutesy of Jared Higgins posted to First Nations Say ENOUGH!

In the second part of the show we have an exclusive and unique report from Candyce Paul who is a First Nations activist who has been sharing information to people who were threatened by the huge record breaking wildfires, reported in the Main Stream Media, in the northern Territories in Canada. We get to understand the social and spiritual diffculties that face evacuess and future effects of these wildfires on the local tribal communities who have been made homeless (link to support info should be placed here soon) . A link to Candyse`s Activist page with a running history of effects and solutions cann be found here;

This was a great interview jam packed full of information concerning the wildfires not being reported by the main stream media.

Following The Canadian report from Candyce we step right into out Extinction Report with Kevin Hester and consider the full global ramifications of the seriousness of this disaster both now and in the future.

Podcast here;

tony_rochfordTony Rochford the Irish Hunger striker currently refusing fluids!

The Third Part of the show looks at the various activist news centered in Ireland with amazing testimonies from activist regarding a wide range of issues. We wish to bring to your attention the terrible case of the Irish activist who has gone on hunger strike and is refusing water still after 3 days to highlight health problems with building practises in Ireland, that he has been campaigning against. A phone call from a callous government minister to the wife of Tony Rochford said that he;

“hoped that Mr Rochford would stop the hunger strike”

…. instead of addressing his concerns in any way. We discuss this story with a colleague of Tony called Ashling Lowe  ( )who was concerned by the lack of coverage in the media on this story. We are concerned about his health and hope by raising the issue will encourage Tony to not keep refusing water and medical help whilst he continues his hunger strike so please get this story out to the public!


“..Doctor came and said he ok for now but within 24 hours he will need to get an ambulance he become dazed confused and in and out of consciousness so next 24 hours are critical again tony has refused ambulance..”

Other guest we have are talking about the Landmark court ruling that allows protesters the right to carry out actions in a peacful manner with full support of the courts. This is a blow to the bullying tactics of Shell Oil and their PR and security companies This is bucking the trend in the rest of Europe where protesters are being made illegal and/or facing punitive charges and harrasment.

11667451_1622141421366591_1350558334709635087_nImage source courtesy of Donal O`Kelley

We break down some of the backstory with in show that you will not hear in the main stream media. We have Donal O`Kelly of Irish PALFEST (Actor , Writer and Poet) who was at the Shell Oil court hearing and also discusses his support for the Gaza victims of oppression with his art instalation of 558 kids Tee-shirts on a beach in Dublin last week (representing the dead children of last years attacks in Gaza).

11160596_10153408382281501_3461586922495691410_oImage source Shannon Watch

John Lannon from Shanonwatch  ( )joins us to give us the good news concerning the succsesful demonstration against US military craft using Shannon Airport and we discuss the Shell Oil court case and its implications for Clare Daly and Mick Wallace (Irish Politicians) who have been charged for peaceful protest at Shannon earlier in the year.


We have Gerry Rourke one of the activists who has been absolved by the Irish Court case in an exclusive report. The audio was not good and we discuss tampering with phones on local community activists around the planned Shell Oil drilling site.

We list a load of harrasment and violence against the activists just as we see the same types of strategies being employed in the Gulf of mexico area (affected by the BP Gulf Oil Spill). We discuss which corporations are involved and try to connect the dots. He recounts the Norwegians saying that the;

“Irish musy be mad giving their natural resources away instead of nationalising it”

…after a Shell Oil activist group visited Statoil to ask how their system runs.


Stephen Manning of Integrity Ireland joins us to update us on his legal situation concerning alleged Gardai Harrasment and he offers us a quick update on the case of Joe Doocey and the Gardais charges against him.

Podcast here;


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