Charles Digges uncovers the truth behind the BP Gulf Oil Spill of 2010 – Shades of Fukushima?

European News Weekly

Hosts: Shaun Mc Gee and Jimmy Hagan
Guest: Charles William Digges, Journalist.

EXCLUSIVE and rare interview with Charles Digges on the BP GULF oil spill censorship and environmental effects 05/July/2015

This weeks European News Weekly covers European and Science news in the first hour covering a range of topics and surprising news articles. The second Hour we were joined by Charles Willian Digges, one of the few remaining Science media Journalists still operating within main stream journals. Charles discusses with us the truth behind the BP Gulf oil spill and updates us with new information from activists, Doctors and independent scientists. The Third podcast looks at the problems in Ireland and we throw light onto some of the censorship (attempted) currently being employed in Ireland and concerns that G4S might be using GCHQ spying techniques on Irish activists,politicians and journalists.

Hour 1


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In this weeks European section of the show we discuss a variety of science stories including a new report concerning GMO fed to rats and mice causing health issues and sterility. We discussed the surveillance state abuses in the UK reported and a range of censored topics from the UK. Also a cry from Japan! 2 editors and many of Japans Foreign Correspondence Club supporting a call for the Japanese Government to stop interfering in the democratic vote in Okinawa because the Japanese Government wanted to close down the two popular newspapers supporting the democratic majority.. “If you have a US base in your country, you may lose your democratic rights as well” exclaimed a worried Newspaper Editor.

Hour 2


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BP political cartoon
This week we were joined by Charles William Digges, journalist and activist. We discuss the problems concerning the Gulf oil spill, Charles gives us a great breakdown on his research in this area and tells us in summary of hidden health effects, a community isolated and manipulated by big corporate interests. We also discuss what happened to activists, scientists, environmentalists and journalists when they tried to get the truth out as to the full impact of the disaster. We discuss the lack of studies that have been done and what studies have been done have had their reports held up with gagging orders. We also discuss that WPP LLC companies being brought in to “manage the disaster” via the media and discuss the fact that WPP  LLC had done the same thing during the Fukushima disaster using similar methods. And finally we asked whether the 19 billion dollars compensation fine recently arranged, be enough compensation for the damage. Charles Digges Articles on this disaster, and a range of other investigations can be found at Please note that Charles was a unused to interviewing on the radio so he is a bit nervous to start of with but settles down well as the show goes on.. The next podcast from Charles will be better. The testimony is stunning and so we present it to you in the raw.


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For our Irish News section you will hear about NAMA’s missing 7.7 billion which was not mentioned by Constantin Gurdgiev check it out at
ear-marked for an individual Politician. We listen to a pod cast of Clare Daly speaking in the Dail about how Irish water will fail, a segment about licensing of bicycle’s. Irish involvement in trading arms to Israel and a man standing on his sovereignty under Article 40.5 of the Irish Constitution.We DO NOT mention Catherine Burns TDs daughter rental of her social housing. And we definitively didn’t quote TD Burns income for the last five years.. Nor did we mention Face Book blocking that story (nearly) In fact we didn’t say anything at all, just like the main stream media ..

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