Kevin Hester with his Extinction Report and John Lannon update from Shannonwatch

European News Weekly

Hosts: Shaun Mc Gee and Jimmy Hagan
Guest: Kevin Hester and John Lannon

Kevin is our new co-host who will be bringing us the Extinction Report each week from now on covering topics relating to ecological matters and the current state of the climate.

John Lannon brings us an update on matters of Irish Neutrality and the American use of shannon airport as.a hub for the deployment of arms and munitions to wars in foreign countries.

Hour 1 European News Roundup


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Transcription of some of the speaches from the child sexual abuse demonstration outside Parliament in the UK. We talk about other legal and austerity issues in the uk. We also cover many stories from around Europe with shout outs to various activist groups. We also include a recent RT interview with Sister Meggan Rice on her recent incarceration in prison.

Hour 2 Extinction Report with Kevin Hester


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We discuss pollution causing dementia and its connection to air craft emissions.We talk about mega city droughts in San Paulo. We discuss a health risk warning concerning breast milk in Germany. And various studies in Nuclear , Fracking , pollution contamination causing health effects. We present an exclusive report via Naomi Wolf and her team on facebook concerning the sabotage of one of the Gaze Freedom Flotilla Fleet that has been covered up and we give an update on the situation of the VA Marrianne ship that is ploughing towards Gaza in stealth mode. The ship is currently trying to break the blockade but is being tracked by drones by Israel.  Rounding up with the Extinction Report bring stories concerning climate change presented by Kevin Hester.


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This is the weekly standalone version of the Extinction Report updates on climate change effects brought to you by Kevin Hester our global climate reporter exclusive to European News Weekly.

Hour 3 Interview With John Lannon From Shannonwatch


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Today we are please to have back John Lannon peace activist from shannonwatch talking to us about a planned demonstration at an air show presenting military aircraft in a positive light. Clare Daly calls for the living wage rather than the minimum wage and we discuss the practical application of this in spain and holland.

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