Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.


The nuclear industry supported press, in rebuffing the BBC Panorama teams claims of safety issues and lies to Parliament, we see some counters to the safety concerns but no response to the well documented evidence of the head of the Sellafield consortium lying to the Parliamentary committee and covering up the grave incident of plutonium release (and its cost) in November 2014.


Tony Price lies to Parliament (from Panorama Documentary)

The Spokesperson for Sellafield can be seen on the video acting a bit surprised at the questioning and revelations the Panorama reporter revealed. He just denied that any “spin” (ie lies) were said during the Parliamentary committee and that is the last word we have on this explosive revelation of criminality from the nuclear industry.

It is most surprising that the BBC News office did not pick this up as we see on the BBC web site they are fully aware of the issue of contempt of parliamentary procedure;

“….Examples of contempt include giving false evidence to a parliamentary committee, ….The Commons has the power to order anyone who has committed a contempt of Parliament to appear at the Bar of the House and to punish the offender…..” 2008 BBC

Since that report was uncovered, the nuclear industry and their PR and government connections have swayed the public and eased their fears. The BBC and Science Media Centre (SMC UK) (Also called Sense About Science) was crucial to doing this and at the same time minimising the environmental and health impacts of the 2011 Fukushima disaster that had caused a huge drop in investor interest in nuclear projects.

So in the last 5 years the BBC has produced many supportive documentaries and educational materials favouring nuclear energy (Since the SMC UK started to receive large corporate funding) . In fact at the end of last year, the BBC science department was involved with promoting Sellafield and largely  ignoring the many problems that existed there.

That was followed up by the BBC Science teams involvement in a shocking display of bad science during the commemorations of the 2011 disaster in 2016 March this year. Even though there was outrage in the scientific community at the Fukushima video, it was some months before the BBC quietly took down the video. Thereby, much of the public that saw the biased Fukushima video were unaware of the wrong and dangerous information that was given. Then just a couple of months ago a high profile visit to Sellafield by dignitaries was to underline the improvements and give Sellafield the all clear. Still other experts tried to combat the BBC and SMC UK PR management of all media regarding nuclear;

“The Ecologist, 12th August 2015 Dr David Lowry
Professor ‘Jim’ Al’Khalili’s ‘Inside Sellafield’ programme was a tour de force of pro-nuclear propaganda, writes David Lowry – understating the severity of accidents, concealing the role of the UK’s nuclear power stations in breeding military plutonium, and giving false reassurance over the unsolved problems of high level nuclear waste…”

The main thing for the BBC, government and nuclear industry was that the nuclear industry was still being perceived as above board and transparent. We saw a similar maneuver after the release of the Panorama Documentary on its You Tube site (Under BBC management orders?). The video was removed after just a few hours of being uploaded and after the link had been shared to an international social media audience. The video was put back up sometime later but after the interest had passed.

Although the media has largely ignored this story many experts have been commenting on the situation in Sellafield and there is a lot of well sourced data that bears the whistleblowers observations and claims (See source links below) . But it is the criminal manipulation of politicians during the Parliamentary committee process that demands our immediate attention. It undermines our Democracy.

Whilst discussing the issue of coverage, by the BBC, of the nuclear industry (with the exception of the excellent undercover investigative abilities of the BBC Panorama team) , I asked an experienced Science Media journalist and Author on how he viewed the BBC`s general coverage of nuclear matters over recent years and he had this to say;

“The BBC is guilty of a journalistic disgrace.” Karl Grossman, Professor of Journalism, State University of New York/College at Old Westbury, USA. [11th September 2016]

Meanwhile in the UK Paul Dorfman (Energy analyst spokesman for main stream UK media) said to me;

”Recent events reveal the ongoing national disgrace that is Sellafield, including the truly appalling state of the historic spent fuel ponds’….”
And Paul Dorfman was able to qualify his point through the excellent investigative work of the Panorama team
. [11th September 2016]

In France an Energy systems engineer, well versed in La Hague (The French equivalent to Sellafield) and its impacts said this in response to a discussion on the Panorama revelations;

“….those plants, Sellafield and La Hague, would exterminate the whole world population in under 40 years, because there are tons of plutonium in Sellafield and tons in La Hague adding thousand times more than necessary to exterminate all animals through the world. The biggest aberration of history, the timing bomb for the global extinction, a potential aschimothusia .[“sacrifices” committed by force of a state ] …”  Xavier Nast 11 September 2016

Marianne Birkby confirmed to me the ongoing “legacy” of dangerous safety practices at Sellafield;

“…The state of the Sellafield ponds is described by the BBC as an “historic legacy” but the “legacy” is ongoing with every reactor that continues to burn nuclear fuel whose waste is sent to Sellafield for reprocessing. . The now infamous photographs of the shocking state of the Sellafield ponds that were given to Radiation Free Lakeland by a brave whistleblower are not “historic.” Those shocking photographs are a graphic illustration of the continuing madness of nuclear power….” Marianne Birkby, Founder of Radiation Free Lakeland 11 September 2016

Sources for this article (Not already linked above)

The BBC Panorama You Tube documentary link

Dr Lowry

Dr Ian Fairlie  response to the Panorama findings and historical summary on Sellafield here

Critical scientific analysis of the BBC Science departments dangerous and insulting attempts of reporting on Fukushima (And the reason that the BBC had to take down the video, some months later. The comments on this video are enlightening and you can see both pro nuclear and anti nuclear people actually agreeing and making known their complaints to the BBC) – March 2016

Note from writer; There are many other articles out there that show the BBC defending Geraldine Thomas (BBC Expert) after the complaints came in and rebuffs for that on fissionline magazine and this was also added pressure that forced the BBC to take the Fukushima video down.. The whole story of BBC bias in Energy matters is too vast to cover here but I leave you with the above Key words and links (for the researcher) . The truth will out!!  – Shaun McGee





Japans dodgy deep geological nuclear waste disposal hopes and fears 2016.


Highly radioactive waste, dangerous for as long as 200,000 years, has to be isolated and guarded in every country that has dabbled in nuclear energy. Cartoon credit:

Japan is a place where not two, not three, but four plates meet with no geographical stability. Volcanoes are erupting all the time, new islands pop up in the sea and there are daily earthquakes. Forty thousand years ago, the coast line was totally different and nuclear waste storage is supposed to be safe there?

The issue of Transparency

there seems to be a lack of information on the Japanese plans to bury their nuclear High Level waste. Very little has been discussed on this latest OECD report from May, However, on the JAIF website it has been given a brief mention in a very recent report from JAIF (10 August, 2016)

“When completing its report, the group also took into consideration an international peer review by the OECD/NEA in May of this year, as well as opinions and comments from relevant academic societies and other bodies.” –

The issue of definition

It would appear that the Japanese Government is trying to play down the adverse comments from the OECD/NEA report from May 2016. Awkwardly enough, The NUMO report came out in March 2016 and seemed to rely on earlier findings in an older OECD/NEA report.

Well, moving on, The main issue found was with the definition and clarity of the Japanese experts terminology in making points within the report. This issue was brought up in the earlier OECD/NEA report and the March 2016 NUMO report had it had tackled the problem. This was not true as the May 2016 OECD/NEA report still mentions issues of clarity in definition.

The issue of democracy

Another issue includes allowing the public to have a say (in the NUMO, JAIF and the OECD/NEA reports) whilst at the same time, denying the public choice and instead allowing scientists to make the decisions to choose a suitable site for the geological repository. The option to self determination of local communities is being sidelined because the most of the Prefectures have resoundingly declared that they do not want to have a nuclear waste dump near their homes. But that hasnt stopped NUMO;

“In May 2015 NUMO abandoned the idea of waiting for a volunteer[Prefecture]. Instead, scientists will nominate suitable regions. According to NUMO, Japan wants to start construction of a repository in 2025 and have the facility operational by between 2033 and 2037”. –

The issues of Research and being thorough

Nestled some 500 meters underground are Japans existing deep Underground research Laboratories;

Mizunami Underground Research Laboratory Granite opened in 2004- Run by Jaea JAEA

Horonobe Underground Research Center opened in 2005- Run by JAEA

It might be worth noting that these two deep research labs will be initially used for research and then later will be kept open because they can do things in the underground research laboratories that they will not be able to do in the final disposal facilities. So will there be an ongoing hidden cost (to the tax payer) when the repositories are being priced for costs, perhaps?

Compared to this years measly 50 page report on Geological nuclear waste disposal in Japan written by the OECD/NEA, we can compare it with this years Swedish report (Some 170 pages long) for the same thing;

“In other words, the reactor company itself does not have the long-term capability to fulfil the obligations defined by the Nuclear Activities Act regarding safe decommissioning and dismantling of the facilities and management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear waste”

It is worth noting, that unlike the lengthy and inclusive Swedish report, that there are many areas that have seemingly not been addressed in the latest OECD/NEA report and we shall have to wait for JAIF to make public the full report in the near or distant future. So far as this article is showing that even the limited remit of the OECD/NEA report is showing signs of cracks appearing in the plan.

The issue of spontaneous volcano creation and Magma intrusion


Image source;

Japan had to act after the Fukushima Prefecture suffered the nuclear catastrophe. The worlds best minds were brought to bare on this disaster and a newly formed Nuclear Regulation Association (NRA) was born. However, the only expert on geology was soon ejected from the committee because of differences in opinion. He was not replaced by another Geologist as it as found that Geologists did not know enough about Nuclear Physics. Then as the worry of Pyroplastic flows blew away and Japan was able to restart a couple of reactors (but both have since been re-shut down ).

Hidden deep in the OECD/NEA report though, is this slightly worrying sentence;

“The Interim Summary acknowledges that the current understanding of magmatic processes indicates that future volcanic hazards to a repository may be present even in areas with no known Quaternary eruptive centres “

Meaning that Magma could move through previously safe areas. Surely, like Japans Tsunamis, however rare, this should be taken into account?  As an example we can see the arrogance of Japans Nuclear Regulatory Association (NRA) in relation to volcanic threats as seen here;

“The NRA ruled out a major eruption over the next 30 years until the reactors reach the end of their usable life span. The surprise eruption of Mount Ontake on the border of Gifu and Nagano prefectures on Sept. 27 has renewed concerns about the volcanoes in the region. “It is simply impossible to predict an eruption over the next 30 to 40 years,” Fujii said. “The level of predictability is extremely limited.”

And apart from the nuclear lobby and groups getting the science wrong we see basic data not being added to the report and we can only wait to see if this issue is addressed in any later JAIF reports.

“ It would be informative to provide more explanation of the data uncertainty regarding the geothermal gradients, given that relevant maps appear to be available for Japan, such as the cited  Geothermal Gradient and Heat Flow Datareport (AIST, 2004). This would help explain the lack of a prescribed value to assess the thermal “areas to be avoided”.”

The issue of practicality

The definitions are important and will lay down the exact routes that need to be decided. And after Fukushima we would think that the “best” sites would be the safest sites but this is not exactly the case.

“The intent to select a site that meets Japan’s current safety standards, but not necessarily selecting the “most suitable (best) site”, is considered practical and consistent with international best practices and recommendations.”

Cost before Safety perhaps? Or are there any “best” sites in Japan?

The issue of belief in the atom

In the OECD/NEA report it talks of the need for long term protection of the deep vault by generations of specialists that could look after the vault and stop human intrusion and deal with any pollution threats. The best comparison is from Planet of the Apes that showed people worshipping a nuclear bomb many generations after a nuclear war.

It might be worth noting that because of a shortage of nuclear engineers that it would be very difficult to maintain a work force in a fixed location for some 200,00 years. However, the reports generally talk about the vague term “Mid-term” storage (maybe some hundreds/thousands of years?) concerning the expected time needed for manning the location. Without a doubt there are huge fences to hurdle in how Japan deals with its High level nuclear waste and of course the so called “lesser” contaminated waste as well, but, well… thats a whole other story.

Source to OECD/NEA report from May 2016 ;…/2…/7331-japan-peer-review-gdrw.pdf

Source to NUMO March 2016 report;

The JAIF report is in the article (2 links)

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Shocking health effects in Fukushima nuclear workers found under the official radiation dose limits

The First male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 50mSv.
“I suffered damages to kidneys, heart, etc. — all important organs in my body.”

The second male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 56mSv. He said
“I went to such a severe accident site and worked at the risk of my life, but all I’ve got was this cruel reality and treatment!”
I suffered thyroid damage, and had all my stomach removed.

The third male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of just 19.2mSv.
He was diagnosed as having acute myelogenous leukemia.
My doctor said that “70% of the cells in your bone marrow were occupied by cancer. Without any treatment, you will die for sure.”

Screenshots from the documentary from Yomiuri TV

あきれるほど放射能の健康被害を正面から取り上げた(なんと)読売系のテレビ番組の情報を北川様からシェアさせていただきました。今までネット上で しか見られなかった内容をふんだんに盛り込んでいます。結論の近くではたくさんの御用学者が避難政策を批判していますが、反対側の意見も報じています。西 尾先生の「殺人です」と言う言葉で番組が終わります。

I am Sharing information from a TV Program from the Yomiuri  which looked at the issue of Health Hazards of Radioactivity  from Mr. Kitagawa because it was so amazing. The contents of which, so far , have been shared widely on the internet. Alot of Government funded Scientists criticised the conclusions of it but the opposite is of this criticism are also being claimed. A program ends by the words to which Mr. Nishio says “It’s just plain murder.” – Saeko Uno


The following are the shared comments of Mr Kitagawa..
The NNN (Nippon Television Network) presses the government for honest answers.
The Nippon Television Network (YOMIURI ) show was an unexpected surprise.

・男性Aさん 50msv!
・男性Bさん 56mSv!
・男性Cさん 19.2mSv!!

Within the documentary were testimonies of 3 Labour force workers from the Fukushima Daichi Power Plant workers and some collected data concerning the supposed “safe” Low Dose allowable personal exposure limits of 10 to 50 mSv.
The health Hazards of these Low Dose limits were not negligible. The The Yomiuri team saw the reality when they asked the workers questions and they became concerned
In the documentary the three workers can be seen talking about their experiences and giving their official Doses
The First male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 50mSv. He said;
“I suffered damages to kidneys, heart, etc. — all important organs in my body.”

The second male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of 56mSv. He said
“I went to such a severe accident site and worked at the risk of my life, but all I’ve got was this cruel reality and treatment!”
“I suffered thyroid damage, and had all my stomach removed.”

The third male Daichi nuclear site worker had an official total dose of just 19.2mSv.
He was diagnosed as having acute myelogenous leukemia. He said
“My doctor said that “70% of the cells in your bone marrow were occupied by cancer. Without any treatment, you will die for sure.”

放送日時03月14日(月)0:55~1:50 (済)
3月20日(日)11:00~ BS日テレ
3月20日(日)5:00~/24:00~ CS「日テレNEWS24」
THE 放射能。

Before the United States admitted it`s health hazard responsibility because of the human testing from the nuclear bombs were some 40 years.
Before thyroid cancer damage of Chernobyl children got fully admitted was some 20 years.

I checked the Yomiuri report carefully and it contradicts the official position on radiation and health within the first minutes of the show. There is a health hazard and the 3 above mentioned nuclear clean up workers are now taking actions based on advice from the doctors health checks,

A broadcast was at midnight, but 2 other rebroadcast are here.
Broadcast March 14 Monday 0:55-1:50 of date and time ()
* Rebroadcast:
March 20 Sunday 11:00- BS Nippon Television Network
March 20 Sunday 5:00-/24:00- CS “Nippon Television Network NEWS24”
And of course you can see the documentary (In Japanese) here immediately.
THE Radioactivity. (documentary just shown on NNN, Japanese only))  

小出 裕章氏、
西尾 正道氏、
津田 俊秀氏、
Approximately 70,000 workers are exposed to this risk.
This has been televised.
This challenges the official statements that radiation doses below 100mSv are insignificant.

The Testimonies of the Fukushima’s nuclear power plant workers and voices are very powerful.
And no other Major media stations took up the full story.

I’m talking out about these three top experts openly and squarely and am allowing their voices and findings to get out to the public. Mr. Hiroaki Koide. Mr. Masamichi Nishio, Mr. Toshihide Tsuda.
The fact that Mr. Tsuda`s “child’s thyroid cancer ” report shows that radioactivity influence is a causation (of radiation exposure)
It’s being talked about and it is clearly true.
The people who said these things were being heard heard for the first time on national television.


(They say at the present probability is low and that don’t occur frequently they ignore their own common sense that is known around the world.)
It’s usually say;

“The only non- stochastically (not using formula to find a problem) leading indicator is the one that the IAEA admits too” (Thyroid cancer).

Which means;
Of all health problems, there is the only the “leading indicator”.
“Leading indicator”.
Since putting it in the Japanese broadcasting circles, will it remain the leading indicator? The fact that Nippon Television Network (Yomiuri) does such a broadcast (but not the Asashi National Broadcasting, than TBS and NHK) shows that the obvious truth is actually stunning.

It is surprising that Mr. Hiroaki Koide appeared on Nippon Television Network.
Mr. Koide out of whom Asahi National Broadcasting and TBS will not allow him on air and NHK of course.
Nippon Television Network used to not allow Mr. Nishio and Mr. Tsuda either but they are in the documentary (Astounding).

This Translation is not completely accurate and some small parts are likely not an exact translation but the comments from the Nuclear clean up workers from the Fukushima Daichi plant have been carefully translated as it was important to show the illness and dose levels that were reported on the documentary and I thanks Saeko Uno for her time and effort making sure that that part is correct and detailed. I also want to thank Satsuki Goto for heads up and also Mr Kitagawa San for his comments describing the issues and summary concerning the Documentary. – Shaun McGee

Some other links here to some recent push back from the western community concerning the official nuclear position of “no health effects”

BBC Wrong on Fukushima, Again – GoddardsJournal

Farewell to Peoples Internet Radio and Facebook Hacking issues, also,stories on the way

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Also, by the weekend we will have a very interesting interview with Birgitta Jonsdottir from the Icelandic Pirate  Party and co founder of Wikileaks discussing Direct Democracy, Surveillance, Icelandic environmental issues and even some poetry from this very dynamic lady. Please look out for it..

The reason for the recent hack was because of two stories that are breaking concerning a massive coverup in Sweden from a nuclear reactor at Rhinghals  (where the Western nuclear authorities are trying to blame Russia and also some stunning stupidity of the UK nuclear Industry in trying to cover up the health effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster by the BBC and Science media Centre. Both these articles are still awaiting further data so we can give you the most up to date information on these stories.

Thank you for your patience

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Interview with Gordon Smith the Clairvoyant

On this podcast we interview Gordon Smith, the world renowned Clairvoyant.

Dedicated to the victims of the Japan Tsunami, Earthquake and nuclear disaster on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy in 2011

Download Interview

“but the more human we get the less spiritual we get and the less connectivity we have to the planet; and the more we start to think we depend more on nuclear energy and oil then we don’t actually realise we serve the planet, we have no where to use these things and we wont have an existence, so we need to start being aware that the actual planet is a living being that produces life, constantly every year she gives us more ” – G. Smith 2016

First we decided to talk about the issue of the surveillance state and possible impacts to confidentiality issues with clairvoyants, counsellors and healers in the spiritualist community


He began by saying that he would not do a reading on the phone due to possible surveillance on such devices. He also said that even in his work he would not hold on to any information in his mind as he feels that honour requires that the messages he gives are to the individual concerned and not his business. He is only giving a message to the bereaved from the spirit world and his role in this is only temporary.

He also mentioned mediums who are trying to find Maddie McCann and he thought that such a reading would be only justified if the parents themselves asked for such a reading. Underpinning the personal nature of communication with Spirit and loved ones who are trying to contact them. He also said that using such gifts without such a personal connection was not correct.

“people doing it for their own end , which is non spiritual, when people are using that information to further their own career or gain money or in this day and age with the technical side where they are grabbing everyone’s information, how spirit would have a say on that, I don’t know, but I think it would be down to the individual and your conscience as how it would be , is it right or is it not? Part of my practice as a medium is to be self aware, so being self aware tells you , that doesn’t feel right to share that stuff or to nick somebodies information”

“In such a sensitive case I would never want to go near that case (Maddie McCann) unless the parents themselves asked , once again it comes back down to their willingness or their need if they felt that was an option then i would have a go to try and help the family.”

He then said that other people who contact the police are wrong and the information is a load of rubbish. And they mislead the police .

“Its a wrong thing to try and tune into to somebodies life because thats intrusive, if someone doesn’t ask for a reading then no one should be volunteering information to them”

I mentioned that the fact that there was no success from mediums who have tried that might point to the fact that the spirit world would not allow such a thing. Gordon then went on to say that;

“They absolutely wouldn’t and one of the reasons I say that, is I have worked on many cases like the the Maddie McCann case and some I have got absolutely nothing Shaun and that tells me spirit are not willing to give up information .” … “ sometimes I would get very accurate information to help the situation and other times you get absolutely nothing” … “ sadly for the Maddie case I was asked by people to do it and not by the family, and to me, as long as they have nothing from a medium that their kid is not any longer living in this world, then they still have hope, and who is anybody to take that away without being asked? I think that is quite a horrible thing”

Gordons new book is on the bereavement of siblings and was sourced from childrens hospices. The book is aimed at children but has been well received by adults who have had previews. It is an emotional roller coaster of a read.

Jimmy then brought the issue that Gordon was talking about everyone having a six sense. He mentions the psychological longing people have for a lost one but says there is a difference when a person has an other worldly experience. Such as vivid dreams where a hand is touched and felt or similar strong associations. Gordon believes that this type of dream is likely to be a spiritual connection and synchronicity incidents in waking life could also be from spirit also. He does say that the sixth sense is very misunderstood because people try to use this sense constantly and think spirit can solve all their problems which would be against natural law. He also points out that man has always tried to contact his ancestors since man has been on this planet.

Jimmy points out that some people seem to go mad and immerse themselves in the occult. Gordon replied that the first thing he does when teaching the subject is to take the mysticism out of mediumship and points out to his students that the mind can draw them into an unreal world and he encourages them to stay grounded and to stay in the real world. He points out that if you stay in the lower thinking mind that that is where you would find hauntings and things like that.

“ There is no such thing as a haunted house guys, there are only haunted people” he said.

Gordon said that formal spiritualists churches grade and vet the prospective mediums and healers and that they are in safe grounded environments.

“there is nothing to fear but fear its self”

Gordon and the Scientists

We then discuss Gordons interaction with scientists, specifically Prof. Archie Roy from Glasgow University who wrote some papers on Gordons unique abilities and the renowned sceptic Prof Chris French from Goldsmiths University London. Gordon then goes on to say that he has been around scientists from a young age and Archie Roy was his sons lecturer and this has helped his perception on how the spirit world connects with ours. He goes on to say that the spirit world will be proven through science in the same way that radiation can be seen with “a Geiger counter”.

From his experience he feels different atmospheres or energies and he thinks that these will be able to be analysed and then goes on to recount a recent experiment with technology that is used for prosthetic limbs where a researcher hooked himself up to a computer and was able to project into the computer his thoughts. On the issue of religion he said that;

“Romanticism or feelings can kill fact” and therefore the scientific method is how the physical evidence will be generated.

“I would in my lifetime love to see something factual that is recorded through science.”

On healing Gordon mentions that healing is very regulated. He mentions healers in the past who could literally see into the body, but today he said that there are so many healers that it is heavily regulated and monitored and he said that where there are natural healers born to it, that he hoped that these healers would be tested and real data gathered as to the abilities they have such a diagnosis. Some blind tests on natural healers that have been done have shown some promise.

We then go onto restrictions with psychics in Europe and Gordon thinks that these are really aimed at unregulated phone line psychics, magazine psychics and didn’t effect professional organisations in Europe.

“I was offered 8 million dollars to do phone lines in America, 8 million dollars! To take phone calls, use my name and my face as the clairvoyant you can phone .. but its not ethical”

He goes on to say that only a few of the mediums that take part in that business are actually genuine. He then said that in the UK the witchcraft act was changed to the fraudulent mediums act and by inference that met there was genuine mediums. A new law (the consumer protection act) that was brought in dampened that inference down though. He said that it doesn’t matter if you are a genuine medium . He also says that many of his colleagues work for the churches for free allowing donations or charges to go to the churches and organisations to keep them going.

Darren Brown debunking fraudulent mediums

On Darren brown setting up readings using body language, pre researching sitters and other psychological techniques Gordon said that he was happy that Darren was showing how fraudulent mediums might work but real mediums can give information not readily available on the internet or by other techniques. Gordon said that to find a good reliable medium that they can be sourced in spiritualists churches or by using the internet with reliable sources.


Jimmy brings up issues around the Fukushima disaster and the BP oil spill as well as general damage that man is doing to the planet. Gordon mentions that humans have become more technical and have moved away from their spiritual values ..

“We are bleeding the planet of its oil, its blood if you like”

He said that man will live with the effects that he has caused himself and the rights and wrongs of it will come out.

“but the more human we get the less spiritual we get and the less connectivity we have to the planet; and the more we start to think we depend more on nuclear energy and oil then we don’t actually realise we serve the planet, we have no where to use these things and we wont have an existence, so we need to start being aware that the actual planet is a living being that produces life, constantly every year she gives us more ”

He goes on to say that the fear of losing things we are comfortable with (especially with the younger generation) and general fear of our situation may be the trigger that helps us to change because that fear the planet feels for the damage caused is feeding back to us all.. He talks about Karma for those that are responsible also.

Gordon on activism

Gordon says that we “should wake up and smell the karma” and thinks that activists are doing a good thing and are compassionate but they are at risk because

“The powers that be are not ready to tell the public what is really going on”

On Gay rights .

Gordon thinks that in the UK and Scotland the battle is largely won and in 10 years this will be a non issue and that the real battles were fought and won in the 1950`s 60`s and 70`s . Some work needs to be though in terms of civil partnership and law.

London Spiritualism Mission

On the changing face of UK spiritualism. He sees that the Christian church model format is a bit old fashioned for modern people. And he rates the teaching classes as a good way forward teaching the helping with others and learning counselling to support damaged people better. There is a cry for change and Gordon said that this would happening naturally. His church in Pembridge has an eclectic mix with a wide range of cultures and is popular.

Gordon and the media

Alot of journalists have interviewed Gordon and they initially approach him with some scepticism but as they see how he works (the quality of his readings) and his natural pleasant personality they all seemed to leave with a better view on his work.

Link to Gordons website and book links here;

Link to the London Spirtualist Mission

Youtube link version of podcast here;

Ringhals Nuclear plant in Sweden has serious problems!

The real problem is for children and pregnant women near the Ringhals NPP who were under the more dense plume.


Posted by Shaun McGee

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Over the course of the last week Ringhals nuclear power plant in western Sweden has been releasing a variety of isotopes including;

Iodine 131, Cesium 134 and 137, Cobalt 60, Beryllium 7, Cerium 144, Tellurium 132


The spike that was recorded on the top right graph registered at 0.8 mcSv/h but there were gaps in the record as you can see for the days previous to that. This is indicative, I believe, of higher spikes that have been covered up by the IAEA in Germany who have access to the EURDEP main frame.

The graph on the bottom right is a reading from Finland that has a gap that hides another peak a couple of days ago.

It is interesting to note that the nuclear regulatory and monitoring group STUK from Finland released a press release on the 8th March 2016 after the radioactive plume had passed. and the small amount left in the air was measured and reported publicly. In the press release they deny knowledge of the source of the plume although they have access to the more comprehensive monitoring system that is not available to the public. The press release with the frightening headline is here; . Also, they do not mention Iodine 131 that was present in similar amounts nor do they mention the types of other isotopes that their system also measures.

The real problem is for children and pregnant women near the Ringhals NPP who were under the more dense plume. Ian Fairlie proved that these releases cause leukemia in children and other scientists like Christopher Busby would claim that there would be other health effects from these dense plumes on the population affected, both adult and children. Because the plume was occurring for nearly a week, we could assume that the downwind areas might have been Denmark, Norway, and Sweden with Finland hit to a lesser degree (At least STUK did report this nuclear incident) depending on the wind directions.

Germany would normally warn locals that a release was going to happen so people would be able to move away for a day or two until the plume dissipated. As this release from Sweden went on for a week it is likely that Ringhals NPP had some problems and this might not have been a simple refuel or SCRAM situation.

On the anniversary of Fukushima, it is obvious that European nuclear interests have tried to cover this situation up. But that didnt work this time.

Say No To Nukes! Say YES to Wind Solar! Protect our children!

I have reported this extra information to the Finland Times so that they can update the story for better accuracy (2nd attempt🙂 )

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Fukushima Health study March 2016 some thoughts with video


Published by Shaun McGee aka Arclight

Some thoughts on the recent Fukushima health study press conference

Bearing in mind that if Hokuto Hoshi said anything different he would have been liable to prosecution because of the Japanese Secrets Law. He did say that he could not say that the Thyroid cancers found were caused by radiation nor were they proven to be not caused by radiation @28 mins and then later @54 minutes he replied that there MIGHT be some problems with initial dose estimates…

Also, during the conference, the fact that children under 5 had no cancers was interesting and this fact was not explored. In Chernobyl we see continuing cases of thyroid cancer but no Iodine 131 present , so what is causing both the cancers in Chernobyl areas and Fukushima areas? Is it because the younger children were better protected from contamination than the school children at the time? Do Cesium isotopes cause thyroid cancer? did the school children get higher contamination eating the local food and cleaning up the school areas?

It is common for children to clean the school and serve the food in Japan and did this cultural trait cause the thyroid cancers we see?..

Also, he did say that their is a problem including children over 13 in the survey because they are over 18 and may not be included in the statistics (but no one asked him to explain this issue in detail ie no actual statistics) .. The question on the elderly was interesting as he said that the survey team did not work with elderly etc evacuees but this was left to the prefecture authorities to deal with and we know that the prefecture will not discuss any health related issues that are not mental health related. .

Towards the end of the session he mentioned that using a baseline in a clean area might cause stress for the unaffected population and therefore no such study was planned (so no baseline for the Fukushima study?? ) .. When asked if the Fukushima doctors were compromised as they just blame psychological stresses causing health effects, he said that the doctors were not compromised (even though they would face criminal prosecution if they said anything different)

Prof Tsuda`s Thyroid study was not mentioned by the press or himself, but he intimated that doctors outside the prefecture were not necessarily more reliable than the Fukushima doctors..

Press Conference: Hokuto Hoshi, Chairperson, Prefectural Oversight Committee Meeting for Fukushima Health Management Survey.
Speech:Japanese with interpretation.
March 07, 2016@Tokyo
Video of conference here

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The reason why the public and media pressured the government to enact the national Information Disclosure Law in 2001 was because similar prefectural and local ordinances had exposed extensive malfeasance by bureaucrats and their squandering of vast sums on lavish wining and dining in the 1990s….”