And now for the next chapter! Ireland and Sellafield!

Before I call everyones attention to the Ireland related Sellafield issues, I will just wade through this bit of excitement, but briefly. The last 3 posts on the blog documented some surveillance and blocking that seems to be occurring with blogs connected to Ireland. It seems some of the blocked links became unblocked (at around the same time) except for the Sellafield link (which has been re blogged in the UK without Google blocking it, So no harm done). I urge Irish blogs to check there headlines with Google search to find the full extent of the blocking. A reblog on the Sellafield post in has had its Google search block lifted also (After nearly a month)

I have to commend the Gardai (I presume it was them) for their clear warning and sense of humor (you had to be there). It seems the original story is now starting to break and it looks like a call for reform (without any waste of time Inquiries I hope, The corporation/Governments best friend to “manage” bad news ).


Image source; (NOTE the diagram shows the full extent of contamination but the really hot spot gets to some 150 Km from the plant easily hitting Ireland depending on the weather and winds.

The overt surveillance has now stopped, Phew! As they realised We were heading towards some less contentious (but not too much) storyline`s in the near future. With this in mind my rant against overt, Stasi like surveillance is done. Normal service will resume (and so will our Google hits I hope🙂 ).

So we are waiting and hoping for a transparent and crime free future in Ireland and it looks like the ball is rolling on that issue (that might attract the Japanese etc  business fleeing the UK in search of a new European HQ – NOTE; they are leaving one of the most surveillance prone countries in the world where they can have no private communication , can Ireland offer them something like that? Iceland has plans for safe encryption and strong free speech laws, I hope we take a lesson from some of the ideas that are floating around).

Sellafield, the big radioactive fish in the room!


Image source;

To finish, There is something really fishy about the Sellafield meetings in Ireland (Due in the next week approx). The Irish Government did not join other boundary/downwind countries around the UK in a recent ESPOO (Cross boundary contamination from nuclear sites) Convention statement in connection with the Hinkley nuclear power plant plans in the UK . Has the Irish government been lobbied by proven UK nuclear lobby “liars” and “Spin merchants”  (the Sellafield management and attendees of the UK Parliamentary Committee 2014)?

Friends of the Earth Ireland have written a damming critique of the use of the UK biased contamination Plume projections and respected nuclear expert John Large has stated that a radioactive plume could reach some 150 km (or more), thereby, destroying the good name Irish Agriculture has earned itself worldwide. Also, such an accident would destroy the lucrative Japanese market for clean Irish Seaweed (Post Fukushima).

In a recent spate of to and fro, between the nuclear lobbies experts and the Independent experts, it appears that the main spokesperson for radiation dose and health (Prof, Geraldine Thomas – currently touring Australia) has been slammed by Prof. Keith Baverstock (Ex World Health Organisation) in Fissionline #45, a few months ago and her Fukushima claims were debunked and the BBC reluctantly took the offending and embarrassing  video of her in the Fukushima exclusion zone in March 2016 down).

Also, The pro nuclear lobby are desperately trying to increase the allowable annual dose so as to mitigate the thousands of contaminated areas in many countries from excessive claims against health and environmental damage. From 1 mSv/y to an incredible 100mSv/y!! Watch this space!

The Irish government has all these facts as some were widely distributed in the media and others have already been mentioned by the stakeholders. Does Dublin deserve such a massive risk on its doorstep, some quarter of the population in the Republic at risk within hours?

Will the 1 million odd people in Dublin have access to Iodine supplements? The UK nuclear lobby would state that there is no risk!…. Just like the Japanese said before Fukushima  Some 300 odd billion Euros are being used in only the first phase of the so called clean up. Compensation claims to residents and business are pitiful in the most part and there is still 100,000 internally displaced refugees from the nuclear accident areas.

It is likely that health effects are kept quiet because of non disclosure agreements that are signed prior to getting money for hospital treatment etc but the new Secrets Act also threatens imprisonment to any one disclosing information about Fukushima and related health issues (especially Doctors and health professionals)

Be wary Ireland! There are wolves at the door! Say NO to Sellafield !! and share this with your friends (especially if they live on the East coast of Ireland or 100 Km inland from there) .

Regards, from the trenches, Shaun and Jimmy


Source evidence of Claim against the Ministry of Defence radiation health “expert” getting it terribly wrong here;

Link to Fissionline #45 extensive and damning critique on UK health risk advice from MOD “Expert” May 2016;



Ireland a fascist state 100 years after the 1916 uprising!

…..the Sellafield article has been blocked (to date) by Google soon after it was posted at nuclearnews and europeannewsweekly blogs……

Irish State surveillance, UK state surveillance, USA state surveillance.. War against the “left” as sponsored by the Atlantic Council (USA) See these links for evidence of what is to come in the next year or so! Buckle up Ladies and Gentlemen!


Video evidence of surveillance on Whistleblowers, Government Ministers and Journalists etc here;

(My video came up immediately on Google search)

Alliance at Risk: Strengthening European Defense…

This video explains how the Atlantic council talkers were thinking about a range of issues including how to create a right wing fortress Europe. Now being implemented. They find Russia nuclear positioning “terrifying” “disturbing” Worrisome” will “Keep us awake at night” .. Worth a view for some interesting military thinking.

More resources here;

Seminar on US Imperialism and Militarisation in Ireland banned!
Posted on October 5, 2016 .
(Owing to pressure from media the Shannonwatch version of this article was unblocked yesterday)

Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press.
Posted on October 3, 2016 . (This article became search-able on Google yesterday)

Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.
Posted on September 19, 2016 .
(The Irish Government is doing a behind the scenes deal to OK Sellafields operation even though the Sellafield management has been proven to lie to even their own Parliaments. Ireland doesn’t want truth just PR managed views and ideas.)
I have been under overt surveillance for 4 days and the Sellafield article has been blocked (to date) by Google soon after it was posted at nuclear-news and europeannewsweekly blogs..


Screenshot from 2016-10-05 17:11:14.png

Only the article that was mirrored on the top 2 links were accessible (From a UK blogger/activist) and the video below from Facebook was posted at 05.45 on the 4th October 2016.

And this was the first time I noticed this odd wireless network appearing near my home.

Thank you for truth telling Luke “Ming” Flanagan FB link
Regards Shaun


Seminar on US Imperialism and Militarisation in Ireland banned!

 Shannonwatch are shocked and dismayed by another cancellation of their room booking for a seminar scheduled for Oct 8th. A number of international speakers are due to attend the seminar on US Imperialism & Militarization 15 Years after the Afghanistan Invasion, but as a result of room booking cancellations by three hotels in the Shannon and Bunratty area, new arrangements must now be made.



Shannonwatch are shocked and dismayed by another cancellation of their room booking for a seminar scheduled for Oct 8th. A number of international speakers are due to attend the seminar on US Imperialism & Militarization 15 Years after the Afghanistan Invasion, but as a result of room booking cancellations by three hotels in the Shannon and Bunratty area, new arrangements must now be made.

The Park Inn and the Oakwood Arms Hotel in Shannon, as well as the Bunratty Castle Hotel all initially accepted bookings for the seminar. Each then cancelled, claiming a mistake had been made. The most recent cancellation by the Bunratty Castle Hotel has come just 3 days before the event.

“It is beyond belief that three hotels would accept a booking and then discover they had no room available.” said a Shannonwatch spokesperson. “We spoke with each of them on more than one occasion. We discussed room layout, audio-visual facilities and refreshments with them. We even provided credit card details as requested. Yet all three cancelled our booking, and were adamant that alternative arrangements could not be made to accommodate us”.

“We have to wonder if the cancellations have anything to do with our opposition to the US military use of Shannon Airport over the 15 years since the Afghanistan invasion.” said the spokesperson.

Irish Security Services leak truths to the UK Press.

A recent article by The Sunday Times UK edition stated that the Irish Security Services (Likely the Irish Defense Force) have claimed that Gardai (Police ) in Athlone had been facilitating the distribution of heroin to local towns.


Picture Source

Due to Irish Laws the name of the whistle-blower has not been reported in Ireland but was on the Sunday Times UK edition on Sunday the 2nd of October 2016.

Why are the Irish “Security Services” leaking this fact to the UK Press? So, as to allow Irish readers the option of reading this article we will not name the brave whistle-blower who leaked the criminality in 2014 but it can be found on the Sunday Times article link ..

This is what the “Security Services were quoted as saying in the article;

“…Security sources say collusion between gardai and heroin dealers in the midlands town has been a significant factor in the area’s worsening drugs problem. The region has a growing population of heroin users and the town is now considered to be a pivotal point in the distribution of opiates to addicts in Longford, Westmeath, Offaly and Laois…..”

Earlier in the article the Times quotes also the “Security Sources” thus;

“…..According to security sources, the internal inquiry concluded that one Garda was in a relationship with a female heroin dealer in the town, which resulted in him compromising planned searches and raids. One witness told investigators he was present when this Garda alerted local criminals to a planned Gardai search the following day, ensuring they had time to dispose of incriminating evidence, including mobile phones. The witness refused to make a statement under caution or agree to testify, however…..”

It might be noted that a government report said that in 2014 the Irish Defense Force did not apply for any orders for surveillance on criminals. We here at Euroupeannewsweekly have been asking the question;

Who is doing surveillance now in Ireland? In 2014 a Gardai and Security Services operation against a dissident IRA group ended with a successful arrest of the whole group at a remote farmhouse, to name but one crime that was widely reported and would have required constant surveillance tactics.

Is there a connection between the ending of the use of the Security Services (or end any of transparency in Government reports) and the evidence that they were holding for the investigation?

We can not claim these last points to be fact, they are only questions posed because of the Irish Security Services leak to the UK. We can present the basic facts to you and let you make up your own minds though.

So what is at stake here? We know for a fact that the Irish Security Services are not happy and have released this information to the nearly 10 million Irish Diaspora in the UK but no publication has reported any of this in Ireland. Yet it is important for the real victims of this criminality that these facts become known and that some in the Government are not happy with this current situation. The security services were tapping all the phones and know all the connections of these criminal gangs and their enablers.

Here is a statement from a local ex Heroin user from Longford on the desperate situation that exists in this region and what funding opportunities for the proven victims of this criminality;

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Fossil Free Future for Ireland? Friends of the Earth Ireland Sept 22 2016 with Cara Augustenborg


Talk with Cara Augustenborg commenting on Ireland’s hopes for a fossil free energy system. Link to full Podcast here;

“We are part of the transition generation [for climate changes]”

In an meeting held by Friends of the Earth Ireland Cara Augustenborg began by bringing up the issue of cost.
Will the costs ignoring climate change be worse than engaging with it?
The costs the last few years to the Irish exchequer was 500 million Euro lost because of delayed Spring Fodder crisis in 2013 and over last two years wettest winters with 150 million Euro`s in flood defences. Cara also said in her TED talk last year that lives could become more comfortable, warmer homes, lower energy bills, cleaner air, quieter streets, more connected communities and more innovation creating more jobs.

Focusing on homes and energy.

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Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.


The nuclear industry supported press, in rebuffing the BBC Panorama teams claims of safety issues and lies to Parliament, we see some counters to the safety concerns but no response to the well documented evidence of the head of the Sellafield consortium lying to the Parliamentary committee and covering up the grave incident of plutonium release (and its cost) in November 2014.


Tony Price lies to Parliament (from Panorama Documentary)

The Spokesperson for Sellafield can be seen on the video acting a bit surprised at the questioning and revelations the Panorama reporter revealed. He just denied that any “spin” (ie lies) were said during the Parliamentary committee and that is the last word we have on this explosive revelation of criminality from the nuclear industry.

It is most surprising that the BBC News office did not pick this up as we see on the BBC web site they are fully aware of the issue of contempt of parliamentary procedure;

“….Examples of contempt include giving false evidence to a parliamentary committee, ….The Commons has the power to order anyone who has committed a contempt of Parliament to appear at the Bar of the House and to punish the offender…..” 2008 BBC

Since that report was uncovered, the nuclear industry and their PR and government connections have swayed the public and eased their fears. The BBC and Science Media Centre (SMC UK) (Also called Sense About Science) was crucial to doing this and at the same time minimising the environmental and health impacts of the 2011 Fukushima disaster that had caused a huge drop in investor interest in nuclear projects.

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Japans dodgy deep geological nuclear waste disposal hopes and fears 2016.


Highly radioactive waste, dangerous for as long as 200,000 years, has to be isolated and guarded in every country that has dabbled in nuclear energy. Cartoon credit:

Japan is a place where not two, not three, but four plates meet with no geographical stability. Volcanoes are erupting all the time, new islands pop up in the sea and there are daily earthquakes. Forty thousand years ago, the coast line was totally different and nuclear waste storage is supposed to be safe there?

The issue of Transparency

there seems to be a lack of information on the Japanese plans to bury their nuclear High Level waste. Very little has been discussed on this latest OECD report from May, However, on the JAIF website it has been given a brief mention in a very recent report from JAIF (10 August, 2016)

“When completing its report, the group also took into consideration an international peer review by the OECD/NEA in May of this year, as well as opinions and comments from relevant academic societies and other bodies.”

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